Top Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Trees In Great Shape

Trees that are in perfect health are an important commodity to any house. They give you lots of clean, cool shade and during the hot summer months. Birds use them to build their nests. Not to forget that trees will raise the value of a home. Keep reading to know how to better care for the trees.

There are also some measures you can do to promote healthy trees that would last a good decade. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can stay away from. If you’re ever uncertain what to do, contact a tree expert and ask them what they suggest for your particular tree. Here are few tips for how to take care of your trees-

Water Regularly

One of the most critical measures to manage your trees’ health is to water them properly. If you have freshly planted trees, you can provide them with enough water regularly. They also have to be watered even though they’re a bit older. At the very least, water them twice a month. The roots of your plants will grow deeper as they grow larger. It ensures they’ll be capable of drawing water from the soil independently, reducing the amount of water you have to give them.

Protect the roots

Good roots require healthy soil, which in turn requires sustainable trees. You’ll want to check that perhaps the soil surrounding your tree isn’t compressed, as this restricts water and oxygen from reaching the tree’s roots. Ensure you protect the tree’s roots and soil within its vital root zone, identified by the tree’s drip line. Assume a circle throughout the tree where even the branches stretch to find the drip line. Adjust the soil grade or compress the soil within this critical, sensitive area to avoid damaging your tree.

Mulching and pruning

Although you won’t have to do everything to keep your trees safe, it’s a good idea to take a few steps to ensure that they live a long time. First, mulch around the base of your trees is a fantastic idea. Compost can keep the tree from being overwatered and over-fertilized. Mulch should be 2 to 3 inches thick and held away from the tree’s bark. Until applying a fresh layer of mulch, remember to clean the old one.

Pruning isn’t necessary for most trees; in general, pruning will delay growth also because trees must recover before they begin to grow. However, whenever you see dead branches and those that have snapped due to heavy snow or water, it’s time to prune the tree. For this, you can learn more about BX Tree Service – Bronx Tree Company, Tree Cutting & Removal in their website.

If you take good care of your plants, they will live a long and fruitful life. In addition, future generations will benefit from the shade provided by these magnificent trees. Preserving your trees in an environmentally friendly manner would help not only you but also your descendants.


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