Top Model Elvira Jain Welcomed By Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra in Style!

Elvira Jain was born and raised in Moldova. She is the granddaughter of the renowned scientist Ion Habasescu who has over 100 patents.

Elvira Jain is enjoying India at the maximum together with the family. She visited recently  the famous Taj Mahal where she stayed at the Oberoi Amarvilas. As she posted on her social media she was met with a full chocolate Taj Mahal and her printed chocolate pictures with her achievements from magazine covers and Miss Earth competition.

Elvira posted the lovely stay she had and how many gifts her little  son got from Oberoi during the stay. She seems very happy to be in India and we recently see her back to Delhi shopping  in Chanel in Chanakya mall that seems to be among her favorites. Elvira was recently featured on L’officiel India and she stated she would like to be back soon.

Who is Elvira Jain?

Elvira is a model and an entrepreneur who goes by a simple yet powerful motto in life

“Believe in your dreams, make a plan, work hard to achieve them, enjoy the result and move on to the next challenge.”

She says

“Yes, I am living my dream. I encourage every girl to pursue her dreams and work for them. Talent is only 10%, 90% is hard work. Always work. Create new ideas. Dream big.

She started her own agency, Dmd Model Management, a scouting/mother agency. Their main aim was to sign models for the top agencies around the world like Europe, Asia and USA.

Her models made her proud and were on the cover of magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire etc. Five years later, she sold the company and moved ahead in her life.

She is working on a new beauty technology that will change the world from using Botox or injections to a natural beauty process giving the same result, without the use of needles or pain. This process will make the skin healthy and natural. This concept is going to launch first in Dubai and India sosoo

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