Top Producing Realtor Joshua Baris Delivers a Powerful Message to Rising Entrepreneurs Looking to Breakthrough

Leading the Real Estate industry is best selling author, Joshua Baris out of New Jersey. As a Top Producing Realtor, Joshua Baris consistently ranks in the Top 1% of Licensed New Jersey Real Estate Agents. 

Baris continues to be honored in THE THOUSAND by Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 1000 Real Estate Professionals in the Country. His accomplishments can quite literally fill 100+ articles in depth. 

Baris has been referred to as a “Celebrity Realtor” or “Realtor to the Stars” appearing on many National Television Networks including with his clients Coco and Ice T on the E! Network’s hit reality show Ice Loves Coco helped them to obtain Cocos World headquarters in Hudson County, NJ. 

Baris successfully represents professional athletes including Jason Collins from the NBA. Other celebrity clients include musicians and entertainers like Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Mary J. Blige, Kevin Jonas, and countless others. 

Most recently, Forbes named Baris as a 2020 Market Leader and included him in their prestigious Forbes 500 List. 

It’s no secret that Joshua has accomplished a grocery list full of high-level accomplishments, but he delivers a powerful message to up and coming Entrepreneurs looking to breakthrough. 

Always work hard because at the end of the day the good ole saying goes, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work. Think about the professional athletes and professional musicians. They didn’t get there because they had an unhuman-like talent. Their talent would not be anything without the hard work they put in day in and day out.

Create your opportunities where opportunities become present. 

Never make excuses to not move the needle forward towards your goals each day. 

It is important to be innovative, and stand out within your niche. In 2020, there is more competition than ever because of how much exposure one person can obtain through social networks alone. There are likely thousands of people doing exactly what you are doing making it important to be innovative, and to be looked at as the authority within your industry.

Be honest. Never lie to get yourself out of a situation. It is always best to be honest with the situation, as the other person is likely to be more understanding. Honesty is a facet of moral character that connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness which will only help you stand out within your niche.

Always help others where you can, life doesn’t have to be about chasing the next dollar. Sometimes the next dollar comes from helping someone. You never know what that person has or who that person knows, but helping someone is always going to leave a positive impact from your interactions.

Respect your competition, and be grateful that they have helped you create value within the marketplace. It is important to honor their work, but at the same time to make sure you are putting in more work, and creating more value than them.

Be thankful for where you are and the journey you have endured to get to the point you are currently sitting at. Expressing gratitude towards the little things that we have is important. The relationships, the hard times, and the accomplishments is key to the longevity of your success.

It is important to be humble, and never forget where you came from. Embrace the journey you have gone through. Carry yourself the same way you do when you chat with a multi millionaire as you would when chatting with a janitor.

“Always work hard. Create your own opportunities. Never make excuses. Be innovative. Never be afraid of change. Be honest. Help others. Respect your competition. Be thankful. Be humble, and never forget where you came from.” Wise principles that have paved the path for Joshua Baris to be standing in the position he is today.

To get in touch with Celebrity Realtor, Luxury Real Estate Agent, and Best Selling Author, Joshua, you can reach him via Instagram (@njlux) or contact him through his website ( 

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