Top-Rated Seattle Realtor Ami Bumia’s Top 3 Tips on How to Stay Relevant in the Competitive Marketplace

Ami Bumia is a real estate consultant in Seattle, Washington, the USA with Sotheby’s International real estate. With 15+ years of experience in both residential listings and condo sales, her broad experience has given her a deep understanding of working with clientele at all price points. Bumia is there to help every single one of her clients, whether a first-time buyer, a potential investor or any individual that is curious about the market. If a client wishes to offload personal and investment properties and move into a single-family home, Bumia is there to help them through the transition. 

Bumia knows that purchasing a home is not just a transaction, but a major life decision. As a top realtor, she is adamant that it is crucial to keep up with the trends. Here are her top three tips on how to stay relevant in the ever-changing and competitive marketplace.

Stay in the Technological Loop.

The presence of technology has changed the real estate industry forever. For many realtors, leveraging technology in the workplace is a complex topic that can cause hesitation, but Bumia has found this to be one of the greatest assets to her expertise in housing sales. She understands the role technology plays for both buyers and sellers in the housing market and uses this to her advantage. Staying informed with various aspects of real estate will set the technologically inclined apart from those who don’t utilize these resources. Bumia works diligently in keeping up to date with the latest trends and utilizes technology to excel in her field, while also assisting her in her appreciation for modern living. One piece of technology that’s really excelled Bumia’s career is Instagram. 

“The largest population of buyers are millennials, and this is their preferred way to communicate, shop, and browse,” says Bumia. 

She appreciates the fast-paced world and embraces the rapid changes seen through the market. With a firm grasp on tech trends, she leverages digital platforms to ensure her clients are fully equipped.

Strong Relationships are Paramount in Real Estate.

Bumia works beyond the sale to maintain strong relationships with her clients, well into homeownership. 

“We’re in the business of maintaining relationships,” Bumia says, driving home the importance of physical meetings with clients. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made lives difficult for realtors. Conducting open houses and in-person meetings while maintaining social distancing regulations is tough, but Bumia is determined to not just get through this pandemic, but thrive in it.

Don’t Get Left Behind! Think Outside the Box.

Bumia embraces the fast-paced environment of being a realtor, and she respects the changes in her field. Bumia has also revolutionized the way her clients look at homeownership, in a term she calls “house hacking”. She targets young, aspiring home buyers to take the right steps at a young age to ensure they are setting themselves up for a promising career in real estate investing. Ami prides herself as a real estate broker as well, with her focus on managing other realtors to carry out her passions on a larger scale in the real estate market. She also recently got a promotion as the Executive Director of Sales, managing sales teams at New Construction Projects.

“Aim for passion and respect your fear,” says Bumia. 

She has shown that being versatile and facing your fears will generate a great payoff in the long term. No matter what the obstacle is, showing resilience and responding positively to adversity can only benefit your self-image and character. Bumia continues to promote these concepts in and around her field to inspire others and assist them in reaching their full potential.

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