Top SimplyGram Alternatives for Higher Engagement Levels

SimplyGram is a popular Instagram growth service that comes with great features. These features are meant to provide you with active Instagram followers. The SimplyGram team is dedicated to ensuring your follower count is of value, hence the focus on organic growth. 

However, for your Instagram growth needs, you should not be limited to SimplyGram. There are dozens of alternative Instagram growth services worth trying now. The following SimplyGram alternatives will guarantee you real followers, away from bots.

It is worth noting that growth services that use bots will be disastrous in the end. You will lose out on the perfect engagement rate as well as risking your account for closure.  

Top SimplyGram Alternatives


Growthoid - Instagram Marketing Agency

Are you searching for a company that can offer you 100% organic Instagram growth, you need to try Growthoid. With a dedicated account manager, your Instagram audience growth targets are applied manually.

Most importantly, the targets will be relevant to your industry. You don’t have to worry about people outside your niche viewing your content. As a bonus, Growthoid works with any industry. 

Although Growthoid will not offer you a free trial, they have a full money-back guarantee. However, their features are designed in a way that you won’t request your money back. Also, they have responsive human customer service along the way as you organically grow your Instagram account. 

Growthoid team understands that your Instagram account needs a quality following to earn an excellent engagement rate. This is the foundation of getting conversions and even monetizing your followers.

Their zero policy towards bots and automation is all you need. Growthoid also lets you take charge. They listen to your growth needs, and the team drafts a strategy that mirrors your growth needs. 

You don’t have to worry about Instagram shutting down your account. Growthoid is compliant with Instagram’s terms and conditions. With dozens of positive reviews, Growthoid is a SimplyGram alternative worth trying. 



Are you tired of Instagram growth companies that deploy bots and automation? Growthsilo is your perfect SimplyGram alternative. No matter if you are an ordinary Instagram user or a celebrity, Growthsilo will grow your follower count through their manually targeting practice. Real humans do the targeting. 

Growthsilo is an incredible alternative Instagram growth service because they deploy managed interactions to add your follower count. You have an account manager that will review your targets and then engage with accounts based on your instructions.

The targeting is done by considering factors such as age, gender, and location. This is the only proven method of gaining organic followers. 

The unique aspect of Growthsilo is that they are disrupting the Instagram growth environment by putting human faces behind the practice. They know how you value a balanced engagement ratio, and they target the correct followers to attain this metric.

Growthsilo is also the only service that is upfront about helping you monetize your followers. You will find Growthsilo packages just suitable for your needs. For starters, they have the Launch plan.

If you’re looking for faster growth, then the Accelerate plan is what you need. It will grow your account ten times faster. That’s not all; both plans come with different money-back guarantees. 

Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media makes it to this list because many customers have enjoyed their services. Their website is full of positive customer reviews. It is encouraging to see they have real customer testimonials on video.

The company can help you grow your users organically and effectively based on your needs. What’s interesting is that they have a social media dashboard for every client. The dashboard allows you to have full control over your settings, targeting, and growth.

They have the crucial human touch where you get a dedicated account manager to guide you. Growth is done through targeting by focusing on aspects like hashtags, location, usernames, among others. The targeting is meant to ensure your audience falls under your niche. 

Depending on your needs, Stellation Media has the right packages for you. After signing up, you can choose from mass story engager, influencer, and rockstar. All the plans come with an account manager, among other perks. 



A fantastic Instagram growth service that will give you a three-day trial without using any credit card. Upleap’s approach to growth deploys a dedicated account manager. You have to share your type of audience with the manager, and he/she will target them through metrics like hashtags. 

Upleap’s main selling point is that they will get your followers ready to engage with your content. The benefits of such a user base are countless. This tool is worth your time. 

Rocket Social

Rocket Social

Apart from getting your organic followers, Rocket Social promises engagement, traffic, and a high Instagram reputation. Their primary focus is to earn your account followers relevant to your industry.

They value a good engagement for your content. The services will bring you followers through influencer marketing and proven engagement methods. 

Unlike other alternatives, Rocket Social uses smart targeting to get you the followers. The strategy increases your exposure to reach a higher fanbase. Most importantly, after signing up, the team analyzes your growth daily to ensure you never miss out on a critical growth opportunity. 

With Rocket Social, you will grow followers from just $1.34 per day. You don’t have to worry about their practice’s authenticity as they are 100% Instagram compliant. 

Follower Adder

Follower Adder

Reputation is a crucial factor when considering your Instagram growth service partner. Follower Adder has been in the industry for a long time, and you can trust them.

Most importantly, dedication drives the Follower Adder team to get the job done. Following their long years in the industry, they have perfect tools to spur your Instagram growth.

They have a total of five packages to choose from, depending on your growth needs. Most importantly, the packages allow you to grow one account to a whooping 25 accounts.

Apart from free support, they also have a seven-day full money-back guarantee. Just in case you don’t like their services. 



Are you looking for a company that will listen to you first before you begin your Instagram growth? Ampfluence might be just what you are looking for. Upon signing up, they will take the time to listen to your type of audience and create the best targeting strategy.

The account managers maintain social interactions to connect with the right audience to grow your followers organically. You will choose from three packages with unique perks such as free email, support and hashtag research.

The team stresses that they don’t need bots and automation to grow your precious account. They know how that can be problematic in the long run.  



This is another Instagram growth service worth your resources and time. They also have zero tolerance for bots and automation. Although the market is full of services that rely on bots, ViralRace is in its league.

They offer genuine followers who are interested in your content. The follower quality is top-notch because they know you need it. 

The team is aware different clients have varied needs. Therefore, they allow you to select if you want to grow your follower count instantly or gradually.

You are the boss; you decide. Not only does ViralRace offer you new users, trust them to get you views and even likes. This is a perfect alternative to SimplyGram. 

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