Toronto Native Anthony Sorella Is Paving His Path in Two Different Industries

Known as a city with incredible nightlife, Toronto, Canada home to various options when looking for a good night out. The unique nightlife options in downtown Toronto attracts diverse crowds and has lots to offer for everyone. One of the major nightlife attractions in the six is the Night clubs. That’s where you could find Anthony Sorella on most nights when he was beginning to make a name for himself.

After surpassing an opportunity for a scholarship to a university, Sorella found himself with a lot to prove to himself and his parents. His parents were scared that he was making the wrong decision in doing so, leaving them in an emotional wreck. Sorella was upset that he hurt his parents but knew it was what needed to be done to pursue something he was passionate about.

Sorella started with a career as a nightlife promoter. He became interested in it when he began to spend a lot of time in the scene and approached a promotion job. Since then, he has used his Toronto nightlife connection to fuel his true passion, making music. Sorella is a lo-fi DJ that makes music for the “after hours Rockstar’s” who need music to listen to after the club. He loves the people that still have the energy after partying all night. Sorella says it “Electrifies” him to see people like that out there, and he vibes with them.

Sorella wants to be able to keep the party alive through his music. He says that his music doesn’t have any lyrics that he writes, so he’s not going for anything deep behind his songs’ meaning. Sorella instead looks to capture attention through the beats and leave a positive lasting impression on his listeners. His music has caught massive popularity in the downtown Toronto scene, and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world knows his name.

Home to some of the best nightlife and entertainment that anyone could ask for, it’s stiff competition for anyone out there. Sorella has put in too much hard work and dedication to let anything get in the way of making a name for himself as a lo-fi DJ. Keep an eye on this up-and-coming star as 2021 advances; he surely will not disappoint.

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