As an actor and social media model, Trace Bartruff is open to working with everyone and building a credible name for himself. Trace Bartruff believes social media is one of the best marketing tools as long as there is enough content to keep the audience engaged.He also hopes that while growing his Instagram page and other social media pages, he continues to show his audience the human side of him. In a world where social media is the number one marketing tool for content creators and celebrities, Trace Bartruff does not intend to miss out on the benefits that social media can give his brand.

Trace Bartruff plans to continue to pursue his career over the next few years and wishes to become successful in the entertainment and social media industry. Trace Bartruff recently started a blog. This blog inspires other young influencers to read about Trace’s life and his climb to social media success. Trace is only 14 years old and has set a lifestyle for himself on multiple social media platforms. Trace Bartruff’s YouTube channel is starting to sky rocket on social media. Multiple of Trace Bartruff’s future goals are to reach over 50,000 followers on the platform Instagram and become a verified account on the popular app.

Trace Bartruff’s brand was created in 2019, and since 2019, he has put in work to inspire and motivate young kids. Trace Bartruff is an American content creator and social media influencer who spreads words of motivation and positivity through his Instagram page and other social media platforms. Over the past two years, Trace has grown his presence on social media by gaining thousands of followers, mostly other young children. From taking stylish photos to developing motivational captions and engaging with his followers,
Trace Bartruff has shown that he can be the hardest worker in the room and not break a sweat.

In a time where influencers mostly use their platform to show off their fancy cars and get into the latest dance crazes, young yet promising social media personality Trace Bartruff aspires to do something completely different. A social media influencer who hit over seven thousand followers on Instagram only to start from scratch after a profile hack, the young influencer showed the maturity and perseverance to press forward. Trace started his social media career in the late half of 2019 and the growing turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic, muscling through the challenges and coming out on top every time. A true lover of today’s digital trends, Trace also continues to brush up his digital skills and become a master of the art of social media influencing.

Trace Bartruff is very open about some of the struggles he faces during the national pandemic and his personal life. Trace has been brought down by many family members and friends, but Trace has chosen to not let them pull him down. From Trace’s social life to personal life he still tries to be the best he can be. This  model and actor continues to grow on social media despite all of his road blocks.