Trainella’s Fitness Mantra is All About Transforming From the Inside Out

If any industry has caught the attention of many in the last decade, then that is hands down the fitness industry with more and more people getting attracted to it. This, in a way, is a good sign that people are now growing conscious about fitness. On the other hand, what they fail to understand is the importance of both physical and mental well-being. The onset of so-called fitness diets which people consider a trend has resulted in changing the mindsets of many negatively. It was imperative to change their mindsets again positively through experts who can explain the significance of meeting the psychological needs and not just putting the focus only on physical appearance. Health as a subject is about mental and psychological aspects as much as it is about the physical aspects, explains one of the leading wellness enthusiasts and personal trainer named Giedre Vikniute A.K.A. Trainella.

Trainella has always lived a life of purpose where she wants to train people above the conventional aspects of fitness. She aspires to become the kind of personal trainer who inspires and supports her clients on a much higher level. As she realized that psychological needs are also very essential, she decided to dedicate her life to helping and inspiring many others towards nurturing both physical and mental well-being.

Trainella has been in the fitness industry for the last 3 years and has shown her prowess not just as a personal trainer, but also as a Pilates and Aerial Yoga teacher. Through the process of teaching and guiding people in fitness, she has realized that changing the way people look is not enough. Most of them are generally unhappy with their current bodies and keep following diets which do not give them any desired results. Negative thoughts about themselves and their bodies constantly surround them, and Trainella helps them to understand the benefits of both the worlds of physical and mental well-being so that they create a balanced lifestyle.

Through her online and live fitness sessions, Trainella has managed to make a difference in people’s lives, impacting them positively. With her training sessions, Trainella wants to create an environment where people feel happy, fulfilled, loved, and understood. She takes them towards an inward journey, where people get inspired to change from the inside, which helps them to change their bodies as well for the better.

Trainella has invested a lot in travelling to various places in the world, living in 8 countries over the past 3 years. She feels that travelling and gaining different experiences has changed the way that she sees the world today as she has also connected with a lot of people along the way.

Inspiring people to live better, seek better, and be better is what Trainella stands for. She is determined to transform people’s physical and mental well-being at the same time for a more holistic approach to living.

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