Transforming The Social Media Approach Of Various Biggies Aapno Rajasthan Official Founder Durgesh Dhaker Reigns With His Dynamic Tactics

Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships”, the aforementioned quote speaks volumes of the power of social media. Social media today has become an inevitable part of our lives, practically indivisible and something that associates us with the rest of the world and gives us a virtual entry to places we have never been to and to things we have never seen or known about.

More than 80 percent of us humans make use of social media for passive relaxation, some other than this for active form of content creation but there is a very small percentage of humans who are actually making optimal use of social media. Durgesh Dhaker is the seasoned social media geek who is using various social media platforms facebook page named Aapno Rajasthan Official to not only raise his voice on the crucial issues around him but is also enabling others to attract their target audience online.

The strong willed politically active youngster from Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, Durgesh has been actively comprehending the various aspects of social media since a very young age. He had always been passionate about the internet in general and has helped several others in building knowledge on the same.

And as destiny wanted it, he went on to explore his affiliations in the field of internet and has now gained substantial mastery over it. Slowly and gradually, his expertise on social media and in carving enticing stories and posts got traction and today he receives accolades for his works. 

The current day and age is ruled by social media, the effects of it can be seen everywhere. It is one of the best technological breakthroughs that has taken the world by storm. Durgesh Dhaker has capped this need and is now revamping the league with robust capacities.

Inspiring several youth and being a blessing to his parents, Durgesh Dhaker is a one man army who also has a website that talks about his notable contributions in the political domain. A strong believer of the mantra of taking the country to great heights with the power of youth, Durgesh Thaker is the 26 year old who has manifested a life of his dreams.

With his practical and conscious sense of building targeted posts on social media, he is being followed by the youth exceedingly. Undoubtedly, his legacy and social media skills will set new benchmarks for others to follow. 

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