Travis Bailey, Central Valley Alarm: How To Design Next Level Security Systems For Your Home or Business

It is important to maintain a positive attitude and believe that nothing bad will happen to you or your loved ones. Yet this attitude creates a false sense of security, making it impossible to plan for unexpected events that could endanger family and property.

No matter how safe you consider your neighborhood, you may still fail to protect your property and become a victim of a burglary. A basic security system, on the other hand, can help deter burglars or catch them after an incident.

If you want to make your home safer and protect your property from theft, look no further: Central Valley Alarm shall cover all your security needs.

About The Company

Founded by multi-skilled entrepreneur Travis Bailey, Central Valley Alarm is the leading provider of state-of-the-art surveillance services in Modesto, California. The company has risen to the top of the local security systems market due to its robust development team and passion for innovation.

The owners have a combined experience of over 30 years and have completed over thousands of security jobs to date. They established CVA with a strong sense of ethics, integrity, and impeccable service.

“Our work ethic involves managing and taking responsibility for the projects all the way from their inception to their completion. In each individual case, our team creates a well-thought-out security plan and in the end ensures that the project is well-implemented”, says Travis.


 Many people know that installing a home security system can guarantee much-needed protection and peace of mind, yet they hesitate to do so because they believe they cannot afford it. However, today’s security systems have such an expanded set of options that one can easily find a solution to suit any budget.

CVA not only takes safety seriously, but also listens to each client’s specific needs in order to provide perfectly tailored solutions. Their estimates are always free of charge.

Holistic Approach

The idea behind increased security is to employ multiple strategies simultaneously to deter burglars or minimize losses if attackers do manage to break in.

CVA’s comprehensive product solutions include residential and commercial surveillance and security systems, first-rate access control services, as well as solar energy solutions which allow for the reduction of electricity costs as well as carbon footprint.

“At the heart of values for CVA lies the principle of responsible and efficient achievement of goals we strive for. We are convinced that a company’s success is inextricably linked with the sustainability of the world around us”, says Travis Bailey.

Summing Up

 Security systems are designed to curb crime and minimize losses. Recent studies show that burglars are three times more likely to target homes that do not have a security system and avoid those that do.

Central Valley Alarm is the one-stop shop for all of your security needs. There’s no job too bug or no job too small. CVA can do it all! Contact the company to see how it can be of value to your needs.


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