Travis Chappell Reveals His Progress in Bringing Funds, Innovation, and Web3 to Podcasting

The brave new world in which we find ourselves is defined by many unique characteristics: working from home, self-reliance, and dependency on innovative technology to name a few. Such innovation includes social media outlets of course, but what’s even more riveting is the continuously skyrocketing interest in podcasts.

Not only is it a key source of entertainment that now rivals other types of modern media, but it has also become the lifeblood of entrepreneurs looking to self-promote and spread awareness about their brand. This includes Web3 entrepreneurs working to shed light on blockchain-based innovation. 

Yet despite the prominence of podcasting, many content creators don’t see much of the profits that they help people generate. As a successful podcaster himself, CEO, investor, and keynote speaker Travis Chappell knows all too well how difficult it can be to consolidate funding amidst the entrepreneurial cacophony.

In his experience, “most creators still struggle to monetize their show while agencies are making the majority of the money by signing new clients. The agency makes money because their client pays them for the placement. Their client makes money because they sell their offer to the podcaster’s audience. But the podcaster who did all of the work to build the audience doesn’t make anything. We are out to change that.”

Once he achieved success with his top-ranked podcasts Build Your Network and Figuring It Out, he found himself being asked how he overcame such adversity. Inspired by this, as well as his own extensive personal experience in the industry, Chappell was compelled to begin coaching and consulting podcasters, launching Guestio Inc in 2021.

The platform removes the fees and hassle associated with podcasting and booking affluent guests while simultaneously providing content creators with the connections and resources they need to make it big. Though, once it became evident that the addressable market wasn’t large enough to be sustainable, he quickly shifted gears, launching a podcast booking and content repurposing agency. He expanded his services to help Web3 entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and anyone else who operated outside of their own area code find the right podcasts to share their messages.

Then at the end of last month, the Guestio team made an announcement revealing the fruits of their labor. They made great strides towards introducing Web3 to the platform over the course of 2022. What’s more, they had successfully secured an astonishing $300,000 that they could pay to podcast creators. After much toil, they have established themselves as “the only brand that is worried about building great relationships with our shows and the only brand that is actually willing to pay them good money in order to do so,” as he puts it.

Thanks in part to the connections that he’s made over the years, Guestio Inc received generous investments from a number of notable icons in podcasting like retired NBA Champion Matt Barnes, who is now a news anchor for SportsCenter and hosts a podcast on iHeartRadio. Other investors and fellow podcasters include John Lee Dumas (host of Entrepreneurs on Fire), CEO of Maropost Ross Paquette, as well as CEO of 100 Million Mastermind Joel Marion.  

This sum of investments, Chappell assures, is only the first of many more payouts to come. Until that time, Guestio will continue pushing for further investments and more recognizable names in Web3, incorporating discussions of blockchain and NFTs to generate additional value and attention for the brand as a whole. In doing so, they will attain access to greater pools of clients as well as investors. And at the end of the day, “it’s really just about educating the industry of a cool new concept where they can actually monetize their hard work.”  

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