Treeverse: The Next Big Thing In Mobile Gaming?


We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly when it comes to crypto gaming in the past 18 months. Axie Infinity has been the most successful of them all so far, reaching a peak of almost 3 million active monthly users in January 2022. Even in this bear market where attention has waned, a total of 460,000 last month alone were logging on to play.

Many have tried to emulate the success of the apex Play-To-Earn blockchain strategy game. Almost all have failed; succumbing to either poor tokenomic structure, falling victim to the deathly market conditions of 2022, or simply just being a horrible game to play.

Pour one out for our fallen homies.

A new challenger has entered the arena

Treeverse, a MMORPG built for mobile, looks set to buck that trend. Founded by the highly respected NFT enthusiast, artist, and lifelong gamer, Loopify, Treeverse has been in development for a little over 18 months and has cultivated a firm, loyal fanbase who believe in the vision which Loop and his team have laid out over this time.

The ethos of Treeverse has always been about making a game which is fun to play; less emphasis on ‘Play-To-Earn’, and more on just ‘Play’

pre-alpha launch

On the final day of 2022, the community was rewarded for their loyalty with the release of the Treeverse Pre-Alpha; an opportunity for a fortunate select few of 150 gamers to test out the game and give their feedback.

From the videos which have been shared so far, Treeverse looks like a video game which wouldn’t look out of place on any Twitch stream. To quote one fan “I would play this regardless of earn or not.”

The movement is fluid, the battles look engaging, the music is just *chefs kiss* – you forget that this is a game where you will own your in-game assets and be able to earn tokens. That will all be merely a bonus – a manifestation of the vision Loopify originally set out to accomplish.

The pre-alpha has not just got the attention of the Treeverse community. Web3 powerhouses such as Brycent and Spike have been playing and have had nothing but high praise for the Endless Clouds creation.

the future of mobile gaming

Additionally, it has to be said that the move to make Treeverse a mobile-focused game is a stroke of genius.

According to statistics for 2022, games account for 43% of all smartphone usage, with 21% (Android) and 25% (iOS) of all app downloads falling under the umbrella of ‘Gaming.’

Mobile is a highly convenient avenue for gamers to pick up and play; whether they’re on their way to school or work, have some free time while out and about, or simply just want to lounge on the sofa and be entertained instead of going through the rigmarole of booting up the desktop computer. We’re likely to see this trend continue in Web3 as Treeverse leads the way.

What’s Next?

The continent of Arboros, the home of where Treeverse is set, will be built ongoing throughout 2023 with the more widely accessible alpha testing phase next on the agenda.

Meanwhile, Loopify has expressed his excitement at the coming year: “We are going to do so much cool shit with Treeverse next year. I can’t wait. If people think it’s just a game, they are misunderstanding.”




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