Trial Xtreme Freedom – Maximum Amounts Of Xtreme and Freedom

Have you ever dreamt of dropping into an insane stunt track on your dirtbike from a hovering Blackhawk helicopter? I mean, who hasn’t, am I right? Fortunately, it’s 2024 and you can now do so, or pretty soon anyway. This dream maneuver is brought to you by the minds that created Trial Xtreme Freedom.

But first, a quick introduction. The Trial Xtreme series is a popular mobile gaming franchise known for its thrilling dirt bike racing experiences. The original series, developed by Deemedya, has garnered over 300 million downloads across its different iterations, making it one of the most successful dirt bike racing game franchises on mobile platforms. The games in this series are renowned for their challenging tracks, realistic physics engine, and engaging gameplay.

The latest Web3 version (Trial Xtreme Freedom) is being developed by Gameplay Galaxy, a team consisting of over 50 industry veterans. These developers have extensive experience in the gaming industry, with a history of creating successful games that have achieved mass adoption.

Key team members include:

  • Doron Kagan: Over 16 years of experience in leading business development and product economy design in the gaming industry, and a mentor at Google.
  • Maya Gurevich: Over 15 years of experience in leading international teams in the gaming industry, and also a mentor at Google.
  • Dmitry Burlakov: 20 years of experience in R&D management and has led a gaming studio for 16 years​.


Trial Xtreme Freedom integrates blockchain technology enabling players to own, trade, and evolve their in-game assets as NFTs, creating a decentralized gaming ecosystem. Trial Xtreme Freedom introduces several innovative features and enhancements that make it stand out within the series and in the broader realm of Web3 gaming:

  • Realistic Physics Engine: One of the key attractions is the lifelike physics engine that ensures realistic interactions between the bike and the environment. This requires players to skillfully manage speed, throttle control, and body positioning to navigate obstacles and perform stunts​​. To those who don’t know, a physics engine in a game is a software component that simulates real-world physics to make the movements and interactions of objects appear realistic. It calculates how objects behave in response to forces like gravity, collisions, and friction, ensuring that movements and interactions look and feel natural.

  • Customizable Bikes and Characters: The game allows extensive customization options. Players can upgrade their bikes’ engines, suspensions, paint jobs, and decals. Additionally, characters are fully customizable, enabling players to personalize their riders to their preferences​.
  • Play-to-Earn Model: As part of the Web3 integration, players can earn cryptocurrency through gameplay. This model adds a financial incentive to the gaming experience, allowing players to gain real-world value from their in-game achievements​.
  • NFT Integration: The game incorporates NFTs, allowing players to buy, own, trade, and evolve their in-game assets. This enhances player engagement and provides true ownership of digital items, which can be traded on blockchain marketplaces​ (more on the specific blockchain later)​.
  • Festival Zone: An innovative social hub where players can relax, socialize, and upgrade their bikes. This zone provides a break from the high-stakes competitive racing, fostering community interaction and collaboration​.

  • Competitive Tournaments and Events: The game hosts various competitive events, including World Cup races and country vs. country showdowns, offering players the chance to compete for glory and rewards on a global stage​.
  • Immersive Environments: The game features a wide range of challenging tracks set in diverse environments, from rugged mountains and deep valleys to urban and industrial landscapes, enhancing the overall immersive experience​.

The Blockchain???

I had a difficult time tracking down which chain Trial Xtreme Freedom will ultimately operate on. Looking at the official Gameplay Galaxy website, I saw partnerships with Merit Circle (Beam) and also Solana Ventures. I checked the roadmap and it says Phase 2 includes blockchain selection, but the timeline isn’t updated so it’s difficult to assess where the project is on the roadmap.

However, Beam Network has a Tweet saying that they hosted a playtest at one of their community events. That, combined with the Merit Circle partnership, leads me to believe the game will operate on the Beam Network. But this is pure speculation because I was unable to find a solid answer to this.

Final Thoughts

This game looks like so much fun and I can’t wait to try it. I love the immersive environment, Web3 integrations, gameplay options, and how the team is trying to match real-world motocross and stunt-riding tricks. I remember playing Excitebike on the original Nintendo back in the day. I would play for hours, and Trial Xtreme Freedom gives me the same vibes. Hopefully, this game will bridge through to the Web2 community and be enjoyed by all.




Gameplay Galaxy


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