Tribute: Comrade Adebola Opaleye, A Journalist and Mentor by Afolabi Bammeke

The media knew nothing about Comrade Opaleye, apart from being a workaholic, a journalist, and a family man who has never been easy with human rights abusers.

Comrade Opaleye paid his dues in Journalism.

Apart from his notable achievement in reshaping the National Association of Nigerian Students, he was also a lovely carer, having helped so many lives in different ways.

Comrade Adebola Opaleye, popularly known as dakingsman, is a worthy leader and the chief editor of the online news agency,, which he started managing after blogging on different platforms many years.

He is never bossy, a mentor and inspiration to many aspiring journalists. He chooses to stand out when he couldn’t fit in.

Comrade Opaleye is seen by many as a perfectionist, something he has incredibly denied and wouldn’t want to associate himself with as he calls himself a realist.

A journalist of over 15 years, his work has been read or seen by millions of people, most of whom wouldn’t know the man behind the writings.

On the strength of his career, he has carved a niche for himself along the way, making him one of the most respected journalists Nigeria ever produced.

In a generation of radicals, Comrade Opaleye chooses to be a helping hand, promoting human developments in all aspects of living.

For a better description, Comrade Opaleye is a successful writer and human rights activist, which perhaps makes him a target of many false allegations.

When I saw the post on Facebook of a friend picking you up from Scotland to England and then reading of your arrival to Nigeria, we thought we could come around and have fun with you.

However, Seeing your picture on Snapchat after that makes me realized you must have been running from something which my fear was confirmed to be accurate, after which you arrived in Nigeria.

After your contribution to various human development, a threat to your life in a free country would have been the last thing anyone would have thought.

May the good God be with you now and always, and we would hope the world is watching what is happening to you.

You are indeed an inspiration many great minds look up to.

May you live life to the fullest, and I’m officially welcoming you to Nigeria, your birth country.

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