Trillest Entertainment CEO Anthony Speaks On Company’s Success + New Magazine Launch

Trillest Entertainment is proud to announce the upcoming arrival of their new exclusive media outlet, 2Trill magazine, which will feature the trillest in hip-hop, culture, and lifestyle.

After having led the industry in promotion for the past 10+ years, Anthony the CEO, and his company Trillest Ent became the most respected and connected public relations firm, artist management company, and publishing powerhouse in the game.

2Trill magazine is a combination of Anthony’s ingenuity, creativeness and boldness, all of which he says are fundamental character traits to succeed in any industry.

Nobody knows how the game works better than Anthony, who has been networking his way to the top since he was in high school. Now he runs a global six figure digital music marketing company working with 10k+ artists annually, all from a laptop, while living abroad.

He credits his success to staying true to his principles and remaining humble, while his company continues to lead the industry. Anthony says, “If you’re only doing it for money, you can easily become a slave to a piece of paper without even realizing it. Money involves numbers and numbers never end, so you’ll never be happy. You got to be content with what you have, while always striving for more, but at the same time, always giving thanks for what you’re blessed with”.

“A lot of people get distracted by the fame or money that comes with success. Once you reach a certain income level you enter a circle of different people, and a different tax bracket, Anthony jokes”.

Most of these people Anthony found are only motivated by money and greed, very few are genuinely happy in life or doing something they love, regardless of how nice their lifestyle looks on social media. They are stuck in the rat race in competition with each other to get more money, instead of enjoying the money they have or using it to help others.

Having come from a single parent household where nothing was given, Anthony’s resilience and determination to have a good life are what pushed him to become the first in his family to graduate college. He went on to do much more than that. In fact, he doesn’t even use his degree, but he calls it a valuable tool in an increasingly competitive society. The real tool is your ability to stay creative, while always doing something that adds value. If you can do this in life you will always find a way to generate a good income.

He says, “The world is not as big as it seems, it’s actually much smaller, it doesn’t matter what you know, but who you know”. The key to success is your ability to add value, network, and form mutually beneficial partnerships.

Anthony continues to do just that while continuing to expand his company and helping thousands of artists get their music global exposure.

There is a lot of unrecognized talent out there, and even more so a lot of untrustworthy music promotion and artist management companies that only care about making a quick buck. Very few people genuinely do this with love and to help artists succeed, but Trillest Entertainment does just that and treats every artist like family.

“We wanted to add to what we’ve been successfully doing for the past 10 years, which is providing artists with the recognition and exposure they deserve on as many outlets and platforms as possible”.

Being the most connected publicist in the industry is no easy thing, information is power, but connections are your true key to power, says Anthony. Through networking and building contacts with industry leaders, Trillest Entertainment has gained insight to industry tricks, tips, and secrets.

2Trill mag plans to represent the real voice of the artists, influencers, and creators who have put the work in for their achievements in their industries. This entails showcasing the trillest people doing the trillest things. “That’s what we want our magazine to represent” says CEO Anthony,

“we wanted to give recognition where it’s due”.

Trillest Entertainment not only plans to launch their magazine, they’ve been partnering with major fashion designers all over the world to create a one of a kind exclusive clothing company.

If you haven’t already been following Trillest Ent, it’s best to familiarize yourself with who they are, as they continue to lead the music industry and provide artists with amazing opportunities.

Connect: @TrillestEnt

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