TripleOne Exemplifies Why Decentralized Companies Are the Future of Doing Business

TripleOne, the world’s first decentralized company, brings great changes, diversifies business, and disrupts the industry. Founded by James William Awad, TripleOne has become successful in a short period of time thanks to its unique way of doing business. What makes TripleOne stand out from all the other companies is its decentralized structure. In addition, even though the company was founded recently, it has no debts and requires no financial support from investors.

TripleOne accepts users from all over the world, and there is no hierarchy; everyone is equally influential and gets to vote on important decisions and present new project portfolios. The company freely operates across multiple industries, including technology, health, food and drinks, and telecommunications.

Witnessing TripleOne’s outstanding achievements will undoubtedly inspire numerous companies around the world to decentralize as well. Here are several reasons why decentralized companies are the future of doing business.

Self-Funding and Self-Sustainable Company

What makes TripleOne stand out from all the other companies is that it requires no investment. As Awad pointed out, individuals and organizations cannot invest in TripleOne. All of the funding for new projects and users’ salaries comes from TripleOne’s revenue from previous successful ventures or the founder himself. TripleOne also has absolutely no debt toward other individuals or institutions. As a debt-free company, TripleOne can constantly improve the efficiency of revenue-generating processes, increase working capital, and add more users to the company.

It is challenging to get any business off the ground without the initial cash flow from investors. However, Awad wanted to found a company that will promote only a team environment. As a result, TripleOne was created. TripleOne has employees for internal development and users who serve as owners of the company. The future of TripleOne is solely in the hands of its users, not outsiders.

Improved Decision-Making Process

Companies that have investors may have difficulties making decisions. Typically, each suggestion has to be approved by the investors. Unfortunately, sometimes investors and company owners might not see eye to eye, leading to difficulties and tension surrounding decision-making.

Since there are no investors or shareholders in TripleOne, the decisions don’t have to go through the approval phase. Instead, all users are welcome to make suggestions and vote for decisions that influence the future of the company. TripleOne utilizes a proprietary voting system that enhances decentralization by allowing users to accept “good” ideas and reject “bad” ones. As a result, the decision-making process is faster, more efficient, and yields better results.

Greater Employee Satisfaction

Employees worldwide dream of earning as much money as they please and not having a boss breathing down their necks. It may sound unbelievable, but what is a dream for many is a reality for TripleOne users. As a financially independent company, TripleOne is able to ensure virtually unlimited growth and earnings to its users.

Each TripleOne user is in charge of their own salary, which depends on the amount of work they put in for that month. Whenever a user votes, makes a suggestion, or completes a task, they are rewarded with TripleOne Points. At the end of the month, all points are calculated and translated into money. Therefore, the salary at TripleOne depends only on the amount of work each user is willing to put in.

Virtually Unlimited Projects and Jobs

The projects and jobs at TripleOne are always exciting and unpredictable. At the beginning of each month, users suggest new projects, which can be practically anything from an investment opportunity to cooperation with a local business. Once the project is proposed, other users vote on it.

As already mentioned, TripleOne secures the funding for each project. The company organizes an investment session on the first day of each month. A percentage of TripleOne’s cash balance is set aside and assigned to projects during this meeting. The funding for projects is always secured from the company’s budget, and no institutions or individuals are allowed to invest in TripleOne’s projects.

TripleOne is not only bringing dramatic business changes; it is also promoting societal change. The decentralized organizational structure ensures that all TripleOne users are treated equally, given an opportunity for growth, and adequately awarded for all the hard work they put in. In addition, TripleOne is demonstrating how effective remote work can be. The company welcomes individuals from all across the globe, regardless of their age or previous work experience.

If you’re interested in becoming a TripleOne team member, make sure to sign up at TripleOne’s official website. To stay up to date with the company’s achievements, follow TripleOne on Instagram.

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