Tristan Hamm’s Revived Outdoors Creates Adventure Vacations for the Soul

Society needs a vacation.

Between the pressures of work, the constant connection to social media, and the rise of mental health concerns across the nation, the average American is feeling more pressure than ever. Vacations are traditionally meant to be a way to unplug and recharge from our everyday stressors. Despite the obvious need, Allianz Global Assistance reported last year that 51% of Americans have not taken a vacation in over a year, with 36% going further still and saying that it has been over 2 years since they took a break. While the reasoning behind this varies, 10 percent of respondents reported that planning a vacation was too stressful and time-consuming. Essentially, we are too stressed out to de-stress

Enter Revived Outdoors

Tristan Hamm, CEO, and Founder of Revived Outdoors is not in the business of ordinary getaways. Instead, his adventure travel company focuses on cultural and community engagement through appreciation of nature, adventure, and creation of deep connections. Launched in 2016, Tristan set out to found a company that helped people see travel and adventure through his eyes. “I want to help people shake up their lives, dive into new experiences, discover their full potential and build a supportive community of friends.” With itineraries that focus on immersing in the environment and connecting to an “Ohana” (family) of like-minded travelers, Revived began to create something much bigger than itself.

Rooted in Nature

Growing up in Canada, the outdoors were always an important part of Tristan’s life. Fond memories of childhood fishing and camping formed a bond with nature that followed him into adulthood. After a successful career in the oil industry In Canada, Tristan felt a pull for something more. Following his calling, he uprooted and immigrated to the USA. He moved to Hawaii, gambling on a passion for the great outdoors. Over the years, between Hawaii and LA, he found home and sparked an invigorated passion for the environment, and used that drive to create amazing escapes packed full of great food, local experiences, and mind-body challenges like rock climbing and mountain biking for an immersive experience. 

Soul Vacation

The initial goal of creating these memorable adventures quickly became a small part of something bigger. More and more, people were seeking Tristan’s trips as a therapeutic escape, taking the simple vacation and elevating it to a journey of self-improvement and discovery. People are drawn to Revived because of the profound impact the journey has on The Self, with powerful testimonials shared of how these adventures have helped struggles with anxiety, depression, addiction, and purpose. Reflecting on this notion, Tristan says “We have proven it countless times over, that the right community, influence, and personal focus can drastically improve the physical and mental health of anyone suffering from a mental illness. I want more people to turn to nature when they feel down, and adventure when they feel challenged, and I know that through our methods at Revived Outdoors, we will create a wave that will push that movement forward.”

All That Adventure Brings

What does Revived offer these days? Everything a weary vacationer needs. With past trips held in California, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii, Revived is pushing comfort boundaries in all of the best ways. Travelers can expect the best local experience led by highly skilled guides. From the beginner to the seasoned adrenaline junkie, adventures range from rock climbing, spearfishing, surfing, and mountain biking are provided for all skill levels, ensuring a safe, bond creating, heart-pumping experience. Revived trips also give back with partnerships with local non-profits, allowing a teachable adventure moment that helps give thanks back to the communities through activities like beach and national park cleanups. Revived Outdoors partners with nonprofits such as “Hearts for Animals”, donating a portion of the trip fees back to the organization to help provide animal rehabilitation and education in Hawaii. This whole heart, whole experience approach creates a one of a kind trip that changes lives and offers the much-needed reset we need. 

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