TruRebel Migs’ Journey From The Streets To Stardom

This young creative is ready for anything.

New York City has always been a popular choice for traveling. Almost every young child dreams to one day walk the streets of the ever-growing concrete jungle. Whether it’s the busy streets, loud traffic, or the city’s overall vibe, one can’t help but try to wrap their head around its magnificence. New York is a place of business and an all-around hub for multiple different industries. The city is also a cornerstone for the arts, especially Hip Hop. It has been a breeding ground for talented hip hop artists since the genre’s very beginning. Producing hip hop legends like 50 Cent, The ASAP Mob, and The Beastie Boys among a long list of prolific talent, it is often seen as a gold mine for any upcoming artists.

One artist who is truly made from the very rubble that pieces the city together is rising hip hop creative TruRebel Migs. Born to a struggling single mother in the drug and crime-infested streets of New York City, TruRebel Migs laid his young head within several Bronx Public Housing apartment complexes until finally landing back in the Amsterdam Housing Projects where his immediate family started. 

Migs grew up in a post-crack epidemic and in an underprivileged community at the height of mass incarceration. A time when role models are perilous, and the New York City Public High School system produces more 3-Letter homegrown gang members than graduates. At an early age, Migs found himself participating in clandestine street undertakings. He took to the streets for money, hoping he could produce wealth in an underground lifestyle. However, Migs’ dealings in the streets of New York City would soon come to an end. At the age of 16, Migs underwent a life-altering family experience, sparking a paradigm shift in his search for purpose and propelling him toward personal growth. 

He knew he wanted to make music. In search of a better life for himself than the streets had left him with, Migs began his journey as an artist. He made his debut on all major streaming platforms in 2017 with his song “Same” and has only progressed since. Migs is a student of the arts, educating himself in the pursuit of mastery of different elements of hip hop. His years of practice have done him well, as Migs’ music offers a timeless poetic mixture of clever wordplay, complex rhyme scheme, and barrages of double and triple entendre served on a platter melodically. 

Most recently, Trurebel Migs released his song “Yuh Mi Ongle Luva, Dem Nuh See I,” a unique perspective on the informalities of love. 

For more information on Trurebel Migs and his story follow his Instagram here

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