Truth AKA Siddarth Chauhan Presents an Emotional Rollercoaster Ep

For a long, the only mode of entertainment has been music. People have been listening to all kinds of music genres based on their individual choices. ‘Siddarth Chauhan’ is one such rapper who is all set to drop his unique tracks this summer of 2021. He has been working on writing his tracks from his college time and aspires to deliver a new flavour of music for his audience.

TRUTH has been working from a very young age to create his tracks. Since he was in his 2nd year of graduation, he has been writing his songs and rapped for hours to deliver perfection in his music. He has recently dropped a series of songs made over 5 days defining all sorts of emotions through his lyrics.

His songs are a replica of his life and his life is a curation of deep dark emotions that you will able to feel in his music. TRUTH’s choice of lyrics defines the emotion of the song which can serve situational music listeners.

The idea behind delivering such a lyrical approach was to ensure a realistic vibe for his audiences. He has been closely working to drop his new tracks in the upcoming days. Since the pandemic has hit the country and people are looking for a reason to be entertained sitting at the convenience of their house.

He is working on songs including F.H.S and soup and many more to ensure his audience is well entertained through the tough time. Music being his real addiction; TRUTH is working for hours on these new projects to deliver some base deals for his listeners.

From following his passion to turning it into his reality took him years to develop his skills over the period. His social media is packed with listeners ready to experience his upcoming work.

TRUTH being from Gujarat is keen to also closely work with the industry and gain national recognition at the same time for his rapping style. The upcoming projects have a unique collection of beats alongside his clever attention towards the lyrics. His hippie dress-up and his style of music are progressing towards being a millennial. TRUTH is going to make a grand entry into the industry with his new music drops.

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