Turkish Football club Partners with Livestockchart.com


Livestockchart one of the top leading online trading platforms is now the official partner of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF). This is a 4 years partnership agreement that was held in Riva on 20th may 2021, and will run through to 2024.

With this agreement, officially, the broker specializing in Forex trading, Livestocks, precious metals, Cryptocurrency, and shares are to become the soccer club’s Official Trading Partner for the next four years.

This would serve as a boost to the Turkish Football Federation’s global market strategy to reach more audiences, and also serve as part of the amalgamation to the planned international expansion that ensures the club is profitable on and off the pitch.

The event took place at the conference center in Riva, Turkey. In attendance were some notable figures such as the president of the Turkey football federation as well as Board of Directors Member responsible for Commercial Area, in the representation of the Turkey Football Federation, and by CMO on behalf of LSC. At the event, the LSC representative was presented with the Turkey National Team home shirt.

These agreements will be part of a broad strategic step to take on different programs together that will ultimately ensure that customers get the best online trading experience as well as offline experience from anywhere in the world. The planned programs include creating branded products, and content that will appeal to the audience of both parties.

It will also ensure consistent engagement from fans by consciously putting in their minds the benefits of using one of the best online trading platforms. The contents with the name Livestockchart will be displayed on the LED at the football stadium on game days among a host of other strategies.

We are pleased to announce this new partnership with LSC, a leading brand in the Forex sector. It is an agreement that will help us to continue growing and advancing with such a unique project as the Turkey Football Federation (TFF) and to amalgamate our expansion strategy on a global level, to continue setting standards not only for our style of play, which is so recognized around the world but also in the fields of partnerships and sports marketing.

“Partnership with Turkey Football Federation (TFF) is an exciting new chapter in LSC’s history. Our mutual goals meet at the point of ambition: just as Turkey Football Federation (TFF) strives for being the #1 name in country football and Europe, LSC aims to win global leadership and become synonymous with success in online investing.

What you get with LSC Partnership

A Personal Account Manager

It is normal to be confused when it’s your first time investing which is why you get your own personal account manager to assist you in every possible way and also help you grow your business with us.

Free Marketing Tools

For every business and in our case Forex trading, Livestocks, precious metals, Cryptocurrency, and shares investment you need the right tools to help you navigate through the rigorous market movements. Our marketing and design specialists have crafted high-converting promotional materials you can use on your site as well.

Full Access to Statistics

Market analysis and statistics are also key to understanding what has happened in the past, what is happening now, and also predict what will happen in the future. Our full-fledged IB portal allows you full access to every important statistic you need to track, optimize and grow your business with us.

Reliable Daily Payment Schedule

Every business person or investor wants to make a profit and see a return of investment with no stories. LSC has a daily payment schedule designed to release payments fast and easily. Cash flow is king and you can rest assured that we strive to help you get that with timely daily payments.

Exceptional Multilingual Customer Support

You will not be left hanging or stranded because we have the best customer support speaking 4 different languages to always be available to assist you.

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This would ensure that your investment is ensured If the brokerage offers CDs, Money Market Deposit Accounts (MMDAs), checking, or savings accounts, however, they should be fully backed by the FDIC.

Livestockchart will also be gaining more recognition while also establishing its stand as one of the most reputable online trading platforms. This partnership also assures that clients will become more confident when they invest with us.

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