Turkish Neurologist ‘Deniz Egece’ Nourishes Life With His Talent

With approximately 10 in 60 people impacted by some form of neurologic disease, the need for neurologists is gaining more prominence than ever, especially in today’s world. Neurology is considered as one of the most admired and highly regarded medical fields, andoffers opportunities like no other medical fields.

Moreover, an organ as complex as the brain, with a diverse range of related disorders, puts neurology in front of the unchartered medical frontiers—a frontier that is on the cusp of exploding as new treatments emerge. However, in addition to treating patients of all ages and enhancing their quality of life, the possibilities for tomorrow are as infinite and fascinating as the brain itself.

Deniz Egece is one such great neurologist whohas already built an impressive following on his social media platforms and a wildly successful career as a weight loss and neurological specialist till date.

Deniz Egece, born 3rd March 1969, is a Turkishneurologist, who is known for his successful work portfolio. He is the founder of Egece Neurology Institution, and known for his multiple skills and versatility in his work as a neurologist.

Moreover, he is also the founder of the famous Health Education Center in İstanbul, Deniz Egece Institution in Antalya and Alanya, and Deniz Egece Neuroscience Academyin Azerbaijan. In these centers, he has partnered with nutritionists, medical doctors, neurologists, sociologists, psychologists and sports training specialists

What makes Deniz different from his counterparts is that he doesn’t just focus on collecting only results. But he also lays his focus on also collecting emotions. In simple words, it means that Deniz releases his services and products in the market after considering the requirements from the society.

For Deniz, Family and Education Matters the Most

Deniz Egece is a father to two kids Ata and EceSelina, and took inspiration from his mother ‘Firdevs’ and father ‘Kemal’. Deniz had studied in Kütahya 19 Mayıs Elementary School, followed by pursuing his higher studies in Alparslan Secondary School and then Kütahya Industrial School. At last, he had graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University’s Economic Department. He has also excelled in other languages including English and German.

He also holds a certificate from the New York Film Academy in Harvard University. And also took lectures in SVYASA Yoga University, essential psychopharmacology from Neuroscience to Advances in Treatment, Stroke and Other Common Neurological Conditions and Fundamentals of Neuroscience. 

Deniz can also be described as a hardworking human-being who does not like to take a break in his life. He started working when he was 6 years old, and from that age, he worked in various companies to earn his own money. After gaining enough experience and financially stable, he founded his first company when he was 18, where he used to manufacture, export and import goods in his own factories and stores. 

When he was in his early 30’s, he dedicated himself to science and started doing researches. He had joined various certificate programmes and achievedcertifications for yoga, NLP, hypnosis, auto hypnosis, mental exercises, meditation, bioenergetics, quantum and Newton physics, Reiki, nutritional deficiency, Feng Shui, mental and bodily relations, consciousness, and neurology, just to name a few

Books Authored By Deniz Egece

In 2011, Deniz Egece published his first book “Zayıflamada Son Söz”. The book was translated to English, German, Russian, French, and Azerbaijanese. He had published “Zayıflamada Değişim Süreci” in 2019, a“Zayıflamada Beslenme” in 2020, and “Zayıflamada Hareket” in 2021.  

His name stands amongst the best in the medicalindustry across Middle East, Europe and USA. He is also an experienced neurologist who is known for his dazzling work and services. Moreover, his work also has been featured in many news sites and different magazines.

By giving neurology courses to the specialists of these centers, Deniz Egece solves weight problems of his clients permanently. 

In addition to these, Deniz is currently working on opening two new academy schools under the name of “Neuroscience Institute”. One is planned for 2021, in Frankfurt, Germany; and the other one is in 2022, in New York.

Egece is now gaining popularity through his successful projects, Deniz has been working in neurology field since the last 20 years. He also develops his own set ofservices and products based on psychotherapy, behavioural science and addiction. It’s always great to see neurologists such as Deniz inspiring others to live a happy life.

Connect with Deniz on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/denizegece/

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