Turn Back the Clock for 2021 with Biohyalux

Still don’t know what to get everyone on your list, even though you checked it twice?

Biohyalux has you covered with the gift of healthy glowing skin! We experience multiple season changes and skin gets exposed to different environmental aggressors, plus the temperature fluctuates, so it’s important to protect skin. Presenting some of must-have skincare products that all will love:

The Ultimate Hydration Face Mask Pack ($25.30)

This face mask is drenched in our Hyaluronic Acid patented formula to bring the most face thirst quenching facial treatment experience at home. So get cozied up in your plush robe, grab a glass of your favorite beverage, put on your favorite movie/show, and put on our mask to your fresh clean face. Leave on for 30 minutes. Once the time is up; peel off the mask to reveal plump, hydrated glowing skin! Gently massage into your face and let it dry.

The Purifying Serum ($61.00)

So many suffer from acne and we know how hard it is to control the appearance of blemishes. When using our Purifying serum, it will help to reduce the appearance of acne/blemishes. This serum comes in a 30-day treatment and is already measured for you, so twist open the ampoule and apply to the face. Your friends and family will love this serum to help control the oils plus, it’s great for a spa day at home!

The Lifting & Firming Serum ($65.00)

The lifting & firming serum is great for tight, glowing skin. This serum is easily absorbed into the skin to protect the barrier, increase skin cell activity, possess anti-inflammatory & anti-aging functions, increase skin elasticity and improve skin’s texture. Skin will look firmer and smoother as it is lifted to glowing fullness.

The Insta-Rejuvenation Serum ($74.00)

The goal of skin rejuvenation is to reveal younger, smoother skin to restore it to its original state or new state. Skin tone and texture are visibly improved upon first use.

For the holiday season, the company is offering customers a box of face masks for free when they purchase 3 serums.

Checkout our website here https://us.biohyalux.com/

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