Turning Lemons to Lemonade: The Success of PureLife Organics

There are numerous reasons why entrepreneurs choose to start a business. In some cases, it is to solve a problem, while in others, it is to capitalize on a gap by building a bridge. There are others who create businesses in an effort to address a social issue. 

In the case of Todd Lamb, the Co-Founder of organic nutrition/lifestyle brand PureLife Organics, the mission is to find innovative ways to help people become healthier, and provide the highest quality products for a healthy planet.

While PureLife Organics is renowned for its organic teas, supplements/immunity blends, topical products, and health coaching, what most people don’t know is how the company got its start

“PureLife Organics started because I desperately wanted to help my wife Tara. After a terrible accident on the job as a police officer, she could no longer exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight became more and more of a struggle. It seemed like we tried every diet and weight loss trick we could find. Nothing worked until we made a few strange discoveries that have gone on to change the lives of millions of people around the world…including our own.”

Overcoming Obstacles Through a Major Transition

Lamb originally began his professional career in the Armed Forces and went on to serve as a Police Officer with over 20 years of public service. During his military service, he served in the Special Service Force. During his police career, he served in the Canine Unit, Undercover Operations and as the Team Leader of SWAT. 

When Lamb ultimately decided to leave policing to start PureLife Organics, people who had previously supported him spoke negatively and would openly hope the business wouldn’t do well. He managed to overcome that obstacle by relying on his work ethic while learning and building an amazing team. 

His perseverance was worth it. The direction of PureLife Organics has consistently been at an upwards trajectory. 

Reaping What They Sow

PureLife Organics has been bootstrapped since day one and managed to grow entirely without any outside investment. They keep a small team of dedicated members who have spent years finding the highest quality ingredients (organic, all-natural, vegan, GMO-free) and most potent combinations to keep their customers satisfied. “It is our purpose to show you the healing and detoxifying benefits of natural superfoods,” says Lamb, “…so that you can overcome your biggest health obstacles, and live a life of confidence, happiness, and vitality.” What makes this company unique is that they created a 360-degree approach to health, which focuses on three key pillars: sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Their content focuses on prevention in addition to reaction to mitigate ongoing health challenges. 

PureLife Organics does more than work towards creating healthier people, they also recognize the importance of a healthy environment. As such, it contributes towards reforestation efforts, and not just any reforestation effort, but rather those that can make a near term impact. They are also assisting poverty-stricken nations to provide work for their citizens.

Much of the success of PureLife Organics can be attributed to the positive impact and meaningful changes that stem from their initiatives. 

Making Others Stronger From Within

The health coaches of PureLife Organics ensure that all bases are covered in their mission to make their customers healthier from the inside out, and that includes discussing a variety of topics. While some of the topics can be considered obvious, such as the impact of certain superfoods, there are other topics that go above and beyond. For instance, they can explain ways you can help boost your immune system through simple steps and easily accessible ingredients, which is certainly helpful post-pandemic. They also inform people of how to do things from the comfort of their own home using natural ingredients, such as tests for illnesses, and making homemade hand sanitizer. 

Thanks to their dedicated team and supportive community (all of whom believe in the mission to becoming healthier,) PureLife Organics skyrocketed to success in a short amount of time, and shows no signs of slowing down. 

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