TV Host Billy Carson on How His Father's Unrelenting Attitude Pushed Him to Be the Best

TV Host Billy Carson on how his Father’s Unrelenting Attitude Pushed him to be the Best

Every person that we may admire was likely inspired to reach for greatness by someone else. Billy Carson is a TV host and the founder of 4biddenknowledge TV, a streaming TV network that brings the wonders of the world closer to viewers. Carson recognizes his success, and he acknowledges who inspired him to achieve it; his father, Billy Carson Sr.

Carson shares that he and his father weren’t always on the same page, but they always read from the same book. They both wanted Carson to rise above his humble beginnings and reach success. He credits his father with instilling him with the strong-willed attitude he needed to succeed.

Through perseverance, Carson left behind a childhood of poverty and eventually became a best-selling author and television personality. His father, he says, never allowed Carson to wallow in self-pity or sadness because of the family’s poverty. Instead, he urged him to rise above it. From the age of 12, Carson shares that he was required to pay rent to live within his home and contribute financially to his daily expenses. Carson believes that some children may have suffered adverse effects from bearing this financial burden at a young age, but he was invigorated by it.

Carson credits his father’s unrelenting attitude for pushing him to be an inventive and advantageous entrepreneur. Expanding on this, he adds, “My father saw something in me from a young age that I also see now – a determination and a will to succeed, no matter my circumstances, and I’m incredibly grateful to him for that.”

Carson has found success as a serial entrepreneur and is a formidable force within the educational entertainment industry. As well as founding the 4biddenknowledge TV streaming service, Carson also hosts the original streaming series ‘Deep Space’ on the Gaia TV network. Carson shares that the series allows him to indulge his interest in everything relating to space. The series explores the ‘secret space program’ and delves into the mysteries and discoveries of the universe. He also hosts another Gaia original program entitled ‘Ancient Civilizations’, which explores the forgotten histories of past civilizations.

Carson started his first business, an electronics company, at the age of 14. By 16, he had moved out of his parent’s house. Of how he feels that this early track to independence brought him to his current success, Billy Carson says, “The path that my father put me on, one where I was solely responsible for my actions, has helped me own my mistakes and reap the rewards of my successes.”

We might not always precisely know who inspired those we look up to, but their influence will always be evident in the success that has been achieved.

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