Two Hollywood Friends Launch $tar Coin, a BEP20 Token Offering Perks For Holding and Access to Celebrities

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Hanging out with movie director Jack Settipane and producer Bruce “Bud Rebel” Weinfeld one afternoon is like watching a comedy show: the two friends trade insults with impunity, each one getting progressively worse until the men finally give up and burst out laughing.

The conversation turns serious, however, when we reach the real purpose of my visit: to discuss $tar Coin, their intriguing new cryptocurrency that promises to rip aside the veil that separates most of us from the upper echelon of society and allow token holders access to elite experiences.

“$tar Coin doesn’t go on sale until August 15 and won’t go live until October 15, but we’re already seeing enormous interest in it,” says Jack. “People like the idea of a digital currency that lets you have direct access to celebrities and the experiences typically reserved for them. It’s something that should have been offered long before this, really, but we’re happy to fill the niche and set the trend.”

Bud leans forward, clearly enthusiastic about $tar Coin’s potential. “Think of it! By holding just one token, which will only cost $85 for the first three days of $tar Coin’s ICO sale, you can attend premier $tar Coin-hosted events and parties. These parties will be attended by entrepreneurs and celebrities, so the networking alone can pay back that $85 and then some.”

From there, the perks go up, Jack says. “We’ve got different tiers, including for 10, 100, 500, and 1,000 tokens. Each time you level up, the benefits increase. Personally, I like the seven-day getaway in a luxury condo in New York City, but that’s just me. A week in the Big Apple sounds like the perfect vacation.”

“Honestly, the all-expenses paid night in LA with one of our Brand Ambassadors, like MoonTellThat, Tavo Betancourt, Mark Thomas, Nick Merico, and Nashla Aguilar, is better,” Bud disagrees. “You get to spend time with some very interesting people amidst the glamour of the city.”

The two men debate for a few moments over the rewards until I diplomatically cut them off. “Where did the idea for $tar Coin come from?” I ask.

Jack explains that working in the entertainment industry gave them both the idea of starting the digital currency.

Love Hollywood or hate it, many people are undeniably fascinated by it. It’s a lifestyle we sometimes wish we could emulate but most of us are locked out of. Bud and I saw the potential for using blockchain technology to create a cryptocurrency that would serve, essentially, as a bridge between the general public and the elite, and the result is unparalleled access to it. It’s really an exciting development, isn’t it?

$tar Coin has found strong support among the elite, including from its Brand Ambassadors and other industry heavyweights. “They see the potential this has to take off, as it is completely unique. You cannot name another digital cryptocurrency that offers these benefits to its token holders,” Bud believes.

While $tar Coin will go on sale on August 15, it will not go live until October 15. “The first thirty days, though, are going to be full of plenty of action,” Jack promises. “The token’s price is normally $100, but if you jump on it between August 15-17, you’ll be able to get it at the $85 Bud mentioned.

Then for thirty days, it goes up to $90. From there, you’re stuck with that full price, so be sure to save the date: August 15, when $tar Coin’s price drops.”

Bud adds, “We are also dishing out collectible NFT membership cards to the first couple thousand token holders. Depending on the perk tier, you can receive one of twenty-five cards featuring artwork from the private collection of an anonymous, well known, photographer.”

This fall, $tar Coin will have its first community concert. “On November 15, you’re going to hear from artists that will rock the house,” Bud reveals. “That’s going to be one heck of a night. There will be a lot of talent appearing on one stage – no doubt the energy is going to go through the roof.”

As we finish our conversation, I marvel at how digital currency is the driving force behind $tar Coin’s innovations. “It is a bit crazy, isn’t it?” Jack reflects. “Not so long ago, people thought cryptocurrency would go nowhere, and now here we are. $tar Coin will allow holders to enjoy a world that has been shut off for years.

To me, nothing could be more exciting than using $tar Coin to open that door and allow people to enjoy the same luxury and elite experiences. You’ll be able to have that access beginning on August 15, so save the date!”

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