Two Potential Airdrops For 2023 You Won’t Want To Miss

The fabled airdrop has become a beloved part of Crypto Twitter culture, often providing down-bad degens a lifeline when they need it most. We recently saw the airdrop reward traders of their platform, and only last week saw the much anticipated release of Arbitrum’s $ARB token, injecting users wallets with thousands of dollars of free money.

However, many people missed out on the most recent opportunity due to either a lack of awareness or preparation. I, myself, fall firmly into the latter category there! With the potential for more airdrops in the future, it’s essential to stay informed and ready to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Fellow missooors, in this article we’ll explore together two potential airdrops, and how we can prepare for them to maximize our chances of receiving those sweet free tokens.



zkSync is a layer-2 scaling solution designed to speed up transactions and lower gas fees on Ethereum. Rumblings of an airdrop have long been in the works, however nothing official has been confirmed – so bear in mind that all efforts made here could be for nothing!

  1. First off, you’ll need to add zkSync Era Alpha Mainet on Metamask, and bridge funds over to zkSync. To bridge, go to
  2. The next action is to interact with the zkSync ecosystem with your freshly bridged funds. Airdrop hunter, @0xSiuuu, recommends using @syncswap to swap 50% of your ETH to USDC, and then adding liquidity to the ETH USDC pool, before promptly removing the liquidity afterwards.
  3. The next step would be to use @spacefi_io and @mute_io to swap your ETH to USDC, and then back to ETH on both platforms respectively.
  4. Other projects which you can interact with, mentioned by DeFi educator, @BrotherRonin, in his article for @boxmining are ZigZag Exchange, Argent, and Onchain Trade. It’s worth doing some research on those to try and double up on your airdrop chances.
  5. The next step is to mint an NFT on zkSync via @MintSquareNFT, and then finally bridge your funds back to the ETH mainnet using @Orbiter_Finance.



Suiswap is a swap platform on the Sui blockchain, and has a far easier questing process than other airdrop opportunities!

Users accrue XP by completing tasks in Crew3, and level up as more tasks are completed. The Suiswap Crew3 homepage states: “Every XP you get in CREW3 can be used to redeem Suiswap token airdrops.”

First, join the Suiswap Crew3 here. You’ll see a list of quests presented to you right away. Most of the quests are reasonably simple and quick to execute, others take a little more effort. The categories of quests are:

  • Join. Tasks such as following the Suiswap Twitter and Discord.
  • Invite. A referral scheme.
  • Boost. Daily and weekly XP claims to reward returning users.
  • Quiz. A set of questions educating on what Suiswap is.
  • Twitter. Interactive quests which ask the user to spread the word about Suiswap.
  • Partner & Friend follow. A set of accounts associated with Suiswap. XP is awarded for following them.


In order to boost your chances, it’s also a good idea to join the Suiswap Discord and be active to try and attain the Suiswap OG role.

According to @suipiens, collecting the “Suiswap Galxe OAT token” is advised, however there is currently no official information about what this does.

Lastly, before conducting your own research on a potential airdrop, it’s important to note whether it’s worth your time or not. The delightfully named @Poopmandefi lists 5 criteria in their “Is it worth it?” test:

  1. Fundraise?
  2. Strong backers?
  3. Good fundamentals & ecosystem?
  4. Good hype?
  5. Good tokenomics?

Keep these in mind when you start to airdrop hunt for yourself. Hopefully this information will help us never miss another opportunity like $ARB again!

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