Tyler Hogan Says Building A Business Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

When starting a business, you need to dive in headfirst with a plan. You need to write down your business goals and each action it will take to achieve those goals. When Tyler Hogan started building his business from a Starbucks cafe, he created his plan to build up a strong foundation as he bet on himself.

Tyler was working for a tech company that sold computer software to real estate agents, teaching them how to build their business. He noticed that many of the people he interacted with were not technologically savvy, yet they made 6 figures selling real estate. Knowing he had the skills in technology to take the industry to a new level, Tyler quit his job and started a lawn mowing business to save money and free up time to get started in real estate.

When Tyler wasn’t mowing lawns, he spent his time in his local Starbucks cafe creating a solid business plan. He knew he needed a plan for marketing, finances, technology, client retention, and education, so he spent every day devising a plan to achieve his goals.

By identifying his strengths and outsourcing his weaknesses, Tyler was able to win the mental battle necessary for his success. “My first year in business, I made over 6 figures in profit. I sold 5+ million in real estate and processed 45 luxury leases. I’m in my second year and am on track to double those numbers,” says Tyler Hogan.

For Tyler, owning a home is the backbone of the “American Dream.” He loves knowing that he is the source for families and individuals to create long-term wealth. “I understand that customer service is the #1 aspect of being a successful realtor. I make every customer interaction an experience they remember and learn from! I do this by leveraging technology and building great relationships with people,” says Tyler Hogan.

What started as a plan in a Starbucks cafe has taken Tyler to a 22nd floor highrise overlooking Downtown Dallas. Tyler is building a dynamic team of real estate agents, and he plans to also start his own real estate brokerage.

To learn more you can follow Tyler on Instagram @t_hogan01 

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