TyLoTheGentleman Defies Odds and is Making a Career for Himself in Music

Growing up in a large family, where he is the oldest of 6 boys, TyLoTheGentleman knows what it is like to lead by example. This rising hip-hop star has been surrounded by entertainment for as long as he can remember. His mother had helped him with acting and public speaking, while his father helped him with the music side of things. TyLo loved performing in front of people and making sure that they have a great time, which is essential if you want to be a well-liked artist. Now, TyLoTheGentleman is taking this combination of leadership and entertainment skills and packaging them into his own career as he sets out to inspire others.


TyLo has always known that he wanted a career in the entertainment industry. Coming from the background he did, it only makes sense that he would choose to go down the route of becoming a musical artist. His catchy vibes and unique tone give TyLo a distinct and recognizable voice that his fans get electrified by every time he touches the mic.


TyLo’s unique sound is just part of what makes him the great artist that he is. His dedication to putting out only the best music for his fans and connect with them on an emotional level has also guided TyLo along his journey thus far. “I want people to know that they are not alone, and it is okay to feel how they feel. Many men are taught to hide their feelings, which is a strong example of toxic masculinity. It is okay to be happy, sad, or mad. It is not okay to hold those feelings in and then explode on someone else,” says TyLo. He wants everyone to know that it is okay to be themselves unapologetically. If all people were themselves, he believes it would be easier for everyone to relax and go after what they truly desire in life.


His strong musical background and relentless effort to always be the best version of himself have propelled TyLoTheGentleman into the position that he is today. He is forever grateful to be in the spot that he is and promises his fans that he has plenty in store for the new year, and he appreciates their support as the anticipation builds. It is only a matter of time before an artist such as TyLoTheGentleman makes it to the top of the industry. With his undeniable intangibles and growing fanbase, there is no telling how far this young artist will be in a year from now; stay tuned as he continues to build a beautiful career for himself.


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