Tyquan & Brianna Supply All for Dogs From Their Brand Store Willow’s Pet Palace

A dog is a man’s best friend. This unique man-animal relationship goes back centuries. Among the domesticated animals, it is dogs that are liked and trusted the most by mankind.

The desire to have their dogs fashionably dressed, even wearing something as simple as a chain with a pendant on their neck grows just naturally. Those who keep such trusted animals as pets want them to be stylish, and of course comfortable while wearing clothing to protect them from a variety of temperatures.

It is here where Tyquan and Brianna, the owners of the famous Philadelphia-based online pet accessory store Willow’s Pet Palace, took the extra mile to make fashion and a man’s best friend come together all in one place.

In an interview, Tyquan  and Brianna explained their latest plan to further expand the services for pet apparel and accessories. The question-answer session is reproduced below:

Question: Do you have any business expansion plans for Willow’s Pet Palace?

Answer: Currently, we are an online pet apparel store. We want to diversify and further help our customers and dog lovers. We plan on eventually opening our own brick and mortar store where people can walk in to see, select and buy clothes and other accessories for their pets. They can also bring their animals to accurately select apparel according to their size, length and color. This shop will prove to be a great help for the dog lovers as a whole.

Question: Are you also going to launch a new line of products? Currently, you source apparel and all other accessories from well known brands.

Answer: Willows Pet Palace, as part of its diversification plan, will soon launch a new and independent brand styled as FLEXPAWZ. FLEXPAWZ is well-designed and offers a smarter look for pets. It is going to suit all dogs and they will feel comfortable wearing it. This is a full body harness set. FLEXPAWZ has several high-end products for dogs including leashes, harnesses, and collars.

Question: Can any dog lover order your products from any part of the world?

Answer: We try our best to provide a variety of styles and sizes to support dogs of all sizes. Our sizes range from XS to 7XL. We think global and act global as far as meeting different needs of dogs are concerned. That is why Willows Pet Palace has the capacity to meet any demand in any part of the world. We ship the products needed to our customers located in different countries all around the world.

Question: Can you please explain what you do to provide total comfort for your customers?

Answer: While picking our products, we make sure the chest, neck, and lengths of our pups are taken into consideration. We use materials such as 100% cotton, nylon, and leather in our products. We can guarantee our materials are skin friendly for your pups. They should not pose any discomfort to the body. Our goal is that they must be able to move, walk or run while wearing our products. Our products do not have any stiffness thus giving free body movement.

Question: Do you produce all weather friendly materials for the dogs?

Answer: Yes! We have seasonal varieties and one can get apparel for dogs for any season, fall, winter, summer or spring. One item in particular we recommend for our spring season is our LOUIS PAWTON RAINCOAT. This item is made of nylon and will keep all fur dry during the rainy months. During our winter months, you can stay warm in our wool PWENDI LOGO BROWN SWEATER.

Question: What are the frontline products of different brands that you sell?

Answer: Willows Pet Palace has a vast inventory for the pets. We sell and supply clothes and accessories sourcing them from all top brands like Bathing Ape, Chewnel, Dogior, Louis Pawton, Paw Angels, Pawssy and Paw Des Garcon. Besides these brands, we also sell products of such well-known pet brands like Poff-White, Pucci, Pupreme, Pwendi, Pwike and The Dog Face. Don’t forget our new line FLEXPAWZ!

Question: What are the range of products offered at Willows Pet Palace?

Answer: Practically, Willows Pet Palace is the place for anything and everything concerning fashion for your dogs. We sell all sorts of clothing. Our products range from dresses, jackets, harnesses, leashes, collars, pendants and backpacks. We provide top quality soft beds and blankets which enable your fur babies to sleep comfortably,  While out on the go, we also have special water bottles with food storage for your furry friend.

Willows Pet Palace loves animals and takes care of their every need.

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