UAE’s Billionaire Entrepreneur Mourad Sebky Sets an Example for All Aspiring Businessmen

Individuals born and brought up in humble beginnings know the worth of every luxury in life. The only ingredient to accomplish their dreams and be successful lies in their willingness to work hard. However, it is imperative to dream big and act positively and in the right direction to become a successful name. Serial entrepreneur Mourad Sebky of Abu-Dhabi has proved his mettle as an influential name in entrepreneurship. Born without a golden spoon, his focus was more on learning and then opting for a job to earn a livelihood.

But Mourad dreamt of enjoying luxuries since his childhood. He always knew that time is precious and should be utilized appropriately. Therefore, he thought of earning during his teenage, and while learning as well, he did not spend time partying during his college days. He chose to be different and made his life disciplined by setting a timeline of his goals. Bringing novelty in his work, Mourad’s focus has majorly been on trading and investments. With the arrival of digital media, he adopted the latest technology that saw him travel across borders for work.

Travelling to different parts of the world has been a routine for Mr. Sebky. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus epidemic, he has been in the UAE for almost a year. Looking back at his journey, the entrepreneur feels blessed as all his efforts have ultimately brought him luxuries in life which he had dreamt of. Besides hopping from one destination to another, he has a plush abode and has a swanky collection of cars with an international collection of fashion labels in his wardrobe. Started from the bottom, this young man is a classic example of how to reach the great in life.

While speaking about his larger than life lifestyle, he said, “Dream and execute your vision to reality. I started working young to live the rest of my life independently rather than doing a corporate job.” Today he is inspiring many small scale entrepreneurs who are learning from him about the fundamentals of business ethics. Apart from his work, Mr. Mourad has built two institutes in 2018 to educate budding business minds. Along with this, he has many charitable trusts and is associated with many causes. His business with these social responsibilities has brought him millions of fans on social media. The exceptional work of Sebky is the motivation people need to achieve big in life.

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