Uber Maps May Be on the Way

Uber wants to spend $500 million creating its own mapping solution. Uber has essentially created its own industry. With its success, it now wants to compete with Google and create its own global mapping solution. Sure, Google is everywhere–this is quite true with Google Maps. Yet, how many stories have been posted of frustration with Google Maps leading people into dead ends, ditches or worse?

Since Uber makes its living driving people all over the world, it only makes sense to have the right directions every time. For Uber drivers, arriving late can equate to a profit loss. Every minute counts. This is just one of the many reasons Uber is investing $500 million to develop its own world-mapping technology. Eventually, Uber would like to offer transportation with driverless cars. Through an Uber map, they can increase their effectiveness. In addition, as cars drive the roads, the map gets updated. As a result, Uber gets an additional advantage in the market.

A bit of history: Google was one of Uber’s first investors. Although, Google then decided to focus on creating its own line of self-driving cars. What makes Google Maps lacking for Uber is the fact that it cannot always tell you where the front entrance of a building is located. Uber’s mapping solution may include that type of information. While Uber has not confirmed its investment in a mapping solution, it certainly makes sense.

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