Uday Rajveer Singh, Actor And The Founder Of Master of Social Media and PR Listed Among India’s Leading Digital Entrepreneurs

Uday Rajveer Singh

Digital marketing has arisen as a new wave of commercialization as a result of its explosive development, dragging traditional methods to the back of the pack. Digital marketing, in combination with social networking, has developed into a powerful tool for communicating with the world’s growing population.

When it comes to digital marketing professionals, one such digital marketer and CEO of Master of Social Media co., Uday Rajveer Singh, has risen to the peak of the Indian digital marketing industry. The young diligent tech entrepreneur has given a new concept of success to other young aspiring digital marketers with Master of social Media.

It’s no surprise that digital media has changed how the companies communicate with their customers; what’s more clear is that the pandemic has turned digital marketing into a must rather than a nice-to-have. Brands and individuals are increasingly looking for Top digital marketers in India who can help them fulfill their demands digitally.

Today we’re simultaneously living in two worlds — the real world and the social media world — and oftentimes, those lines can blur. As business owners are trying to build an impactful brand, it can be hard to separate these two worlds, leading to serious burnout that Mr. Singh has experienced himself, and that was one of the main reasons behind establishing Master of social media.

Uday Rajveer singh, along with being an Entrepreneur is also a successful Anchor and an Actor by profession. He has recently acted in two films, one of which is directed by the legendary Director and Guinness world record holder Mr. Mani Shankar (Maker of the films 16th December, Kurukshetra, Tango Charlie, Rudraksh etc).
Another film ‘Das’ is his first big break in the film industry as the lead actor which is scheduled to be released post the lockdown.

The young versatile gentleman has been awarded as the best anchor by the very Prestigious Dada Sahib Film Yatra Awards, Perfect Woman Magazine and as the best digital expert/entertainer by Tasveer awards.

When asked in an interview about how he has managed to be a master of so many trades, Mr. Singh said “I just can’t sit idle. I need to keep working. Either I am doing films or hosting live shows and the rest of the time I am managing my social media marketing and PR agency company Master of Social Media. I live for my passion which is my work”.

Today, more web consumers are giving top digital marketers like Uday Rajveer singh an extra advantage in order to support brands that grow organically. Individuals nowadays depend more on experts like Mr. Singh as digital marketing necessitates pure talent with specialized experience in order to assist clients in selecting the best choice.

Mr. Singh has worked for more than 300+ clients including Bollywood Celebrities, Gold manufacturers, Diamond Merchants, Event planners, Steel companies, Hospitals etc and brands like Bright Outdoor media (founded by Dr. Yogesh Lakhani), Perfect Woman magazine, Dada saheb Phalke, Lino Perros(London), Tasveer Bollywood foundation & many Designers, Make up brands, Youtubers, influencers, bloggers etc.

He has been a host to the very prestigious and famous Perfect Mrs India 2018, Perfect Mrs India 2019, Bright Perfect Mrs India 2020, Dada saheb film awards 2019, Bright Miss India 2019, Perfect Miss India 2020, Perfect Champs of India, Fashma lifestyle fashion show and exhibition etc .
Uday Rajveer Singh, a young entrepreneur cum entertainer is also the official host of India’s leading lifestyle Bollywood Magazine ‘Perfect Woman’.

“The pandemic has accelerated the need for businesses to prioritize digital in their marketing efforts. Businesses in India must recognize that digital marketing is here to remain and that it is critical to utilize it effectively. If you wait for too long to update your digital marketing strategy, your company’s growth might get affected. Digital marketing examines many of the aspects of a company’s operations. Seventy percent of today’s entrepreneurs concentrate on digital marketing”, says the owner of Master of Social Media.

Many celebrities and brands have been benefited by his marketing services, which have enabled them to extend their presence through social networking channels and across all search engines.

Before you start building your social media influence, ask yourself these questions:
• What type of business do I have or want to have?
• What do I want my brand to be?
• What kind of customers/clients I want to cater to?
• Most importantly, what is important to my soul?
Once you master who you want to be, you’ll be able to master your social media strategy!

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