Uganda: Poverty in Sight

Sociologist Mohammad Alshereda discusses Uganda.

The Republic of Uganda is small country located in the Mid-East of Africa. It gained independence in 1962. Its population is about 43 million. Its capital city is called Kampala. English is an Official language in Uganda alongside with Swahili. Christianity is the predominant religion there.

The main 4 ethnic groups in Uganda are:

  • Bantu (largest)
  • Nilotics
  • NiloHamitics
  • Hamites

The president of Uganda is Yoweri Museveni who came into office in 1986. He is head of a political party called the National Resistance Movement (NRM.) There is a rebel group called the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) which is considered to be a terrorist group by the government.

The economy of Uganda is heavily dependent on exports. Uganda exports many main products such as coffee, tea, sugar, fish, oil and tobacco. The economy has seen a good growth in 2015 and 2016.

Traditional african huts, Uganda

Despite the fact of having a good economy, Uganda is among the list of poorest countries in the world as GDP Per Capita. Poverty is very easy to spot there as you can see people living in very small houses (if we can really call them houses) and surviving on the least amount of food. Children are also used as labor in agriculture. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are suffering from violence and torture.

I believe that the world community must take a stand against the crimes committed in Uganda and preserve the human dignity.

“Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world.” – Nelson Mandela.


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