Uğur Akkuş On His Role In Turkey’s Economic Boom

From connecting people to nature to contributing to the medical industry to making Turkey a frontrunner in cryptocurrency technology, there’s never a dull moment with Uğur Akkuş, the Founder and CEO of A&S Investment Holding Company.

While his office is located at the prestigious Trump Towers Istanbul, Akkuş is more likely to be found meeting up-and-coming entrepreneurs, meeting with business leaders to discuss their impact on the Turkish economy, and talking with computer scientists and engineers to assess Turkey’s technological development. Akkuş is a third-generation businessman whose multimillion-dollar portfolio includes assets in nearly every industry, including tourism, construction, rest estate, communications, and finance.

2022 Will Break New Boundaries in Turkey, says Akkuş 

Akkuş reveals that the Turkish people are enthusiastic about 2022. “We are seeing a lot of foreign countries come here because they are recognizing the advantages of doing business here,” he says. “First, China’s dominance of the manufacturing sector is done. Because of the economic embargo on China, major corporations are coming here.

Shipping costs have also risen because China closed its borders due to COVID; a container that used to ship for $2,500 now ships for $12,500. Really, Turkey is the perfect solution. Our location means we are right at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and even Africa, if you think about it. Whichever direction you go, you will find an important market within only hours.”

Akkuş spent time meeting with doctors at the start of the pandemic to assess and meet their needs. When he learned of the mask shortage, he helped to create Turkey’s largest mask production facility, right in Istanbul. But while he took it seriously, the pandemic didn’t slow him down. “We didn’t stop just because the coronavirus arrived.

Instead, we looked down the road and envisioned where we wanted Turkey to be when the pandemic ended: strong and able to capitalize on an educated, cultured workforce. I met with my own employees and cast a vision for 2022 and the coming years: to use A&S Investment Holding Company to help Turkey to become the economic powerhouse I believe it is destined to become.”

Akkuş anticipates a significant transfer of wealth to Turkey over the next decade, due to the political and economic turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa. “As that happens,” he says, “Turkey will see more businesses grow across industries, and I am guiding A&S Investment Holding Company to be there when that happens.” 

The Ukraine/Russia war, Akkuş reveals, is also affecting the region, including causing many Ukrainian refugees to flee to Turkey. “We are doing what we can to help them, and we are keeping a close eye on the conflict and its possible implications for Turkey and the region,” he says. “We want to be ready to step in and help with the reconstruction of Ukraine when the war stops, so we are developing projects that will support the rebuilding of its food, textiles, and construction industries.”

Turkey Leads the Digital Revolution with Help From A&S Investment Holding Company 

Akkuş says that as Turkey continues to grow in prominence in the region, the key to it leading economically will be the contributions that it will make to the digital revolution. “Digitalization is inevitable and will bring exciting developments to the country and the world. This is why A&S Investment Holding Company plans to activate our digital money stock exchange, Bitmoneycoin.com. We plan to launch this in the United States and around the world at the beginning of June.”

He explains that it will be Turkey’s first local and national blockchain cryptocurrency. “It will lead to commission discounts, airdrop campaigns, new ICO processes, and trading competitions.”

Akkuş reveals that Bitmoneycoin.com, through the company’s Ascoin Invest Program, will also be used to sponsor relevant departments that are working on blockchain technology. “We are very happy about this because it will have the potential to provide financing for the projects of young entrepreneurs. I am pleased that Bitmoneycoin.com will contribute to Turkey being able to provide unprecedented opportunities for more people.”

Uğur Akkuş and his Dedication to A&S Investment Holding Company

Prior to going into business, Akkuş attended Bilkent University and Essen-Duisburg University in Germany. He then worked as Vice-Chairman of Kuwait Business Council and the Foreign Economic Relations Board and was Vice-President of Saudi Arabia Business Council. He was also a High Advisory Board Member for the Turkish American Business Association and was the founding member and board member of KUVİD Association. He is fluent in English, German, French, and Arabic and sees business as his way to give back to his country and the world.

In starting A&S Investment Holding Company, Akkuş had the goals of investing in commercial sectors with high-profit potential and of achieving sustainable and stable growth within targeted periods.

“Business is in my family’s blood,” he says, “and in forming my company, I used everything I learned from my father and grandfather about domestic and international trade as well as my own experiences and capital. The result is A&S Investment Holding Company, which supports all of its subsidiaries in terms of operations management, corporate governance, and finances.

We continue to bring more businesses into our portfolio based on the principles of quality, value, service, and excellence, and it is my goal that A&S Investment Holding Company will make Turkey even stronger for generations to come.”

Akkuş’s dedication to his company and Turkey as well as his reputation in the industry have led him to be awarded the Best Businessman Award 2022 and for Best CEO of 2022. 

“I can’t tell you how happy I am about this,” Akkuş says, smiling. “They are public awards and I had some tough competition, so just to be nominated was a tremendous honor.”

How A&S Investment Holding Company Is Helping to Build Turkey’s Future

With Turkey emerging as a major player in the global economy, Akkuş remains utterly focused on the goals of A&S Investment Holding Company. He passionately believes in a bright future for Turkey and is excited about the current workforce of young, college-educated professionals with the capacity to bring Turkey to the forefront of global technology. By activating Bitmoneycoin.com, A&S Investment Holding will help Turkey develop its presence in the crypto space.

“COVID, thankfully, is mostly behind us, and a new normal has been revealed,” Akkuş says. “With China’s role changing and war in Eastern Europe having global repercussions, A&S Investment Holding Company will work hard to continue to be at the forefront of important solutions and innovations through 2022 and beyond.” 

For more information on Uğur Akkuş, A&S Investment Holding Company, and their work to help develop Turkey into a global economic leader, please visit the company’s website or contact:

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