Uğur Akkuş: Turkey’s Newest, Youngest Billionaire Arrives

Uğur Akkuş, the Founder and CEO of multimillion-dollar A&S Investment Holding Company, is not quite who you would expect Turkey’s youngest, newest billionaire to be. It is said in the business world that to get to the top, you must be relentless, a fact that often translates to ruthless in some CEOs. Akkuş is driven, of course, but he brings to his office in Instanbul’s Trump Towers something just as important: a deep interest in people as well as humility.

He takes nothing for granted and is known for his ability to assemble diverse teams that he empowers to do the seemingly impossible, including starting the country’s first local and national blockchain cryptocurrency. These characteristics were behind Akkuş’ winning of the Best Businessman Award 2022 and Best CEO of 2022 in May 2022.  Now, as he arrives at the top of Turkish society, Akkuş is determined to help more people to join him there.

To understand Akkuş’ journey to the pinnacle of his career, it helps to know how ingrained business is in his DNA. He grew up alongside his father and grandfather, watching as they became successful in domestic and international trade and asking as many questions as he could. Akkuş wanted to follow in their footsteps and even carve out his own path but knew his education was a priority, so he first attended Bilkent University and Essen-Duisburg University in Germany.

“This was crucial to my development as an international business leader,” Akkuş believes, thinking back. “First, I got to live in a foreign country and grow my language skills, which is an education for anyone. Second, I got exposure to a different economy and way of doing business, which would help me later on. These years abroad were very formative for me.”

After finishing his college education, Akkuş concentrated on working his way up the corporate ladder, learning everything he could about business and international trade along the way. He would eventually become Vice-Chairman of Kuwait Business Council and the Foreign Economic Relations Board and also the Vice-President of Saudi Arabia Business Council. He was also a High Advisory Board Member for the Turkish American Business Association and was the founding member and board member of KUVİD Association. 

“These were incredible opportunities for me,” Akkuş reveals. “Again, I was moving in international circles and meeting some wonderful people whom I really admired. The connections I made have been invaluable. My work in other countries has also helped me to become fluent in English, French, Arabic, and German, so I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.”

Akkuş founded A&S Investment Holding Company with the ultimate goal of strengthening Turkey for future generations. The company invests in commercial sectors with high profit potential with the aim of achieving sustainable and stable growth within targeted periods. Its multimillion-dollar portfolio includes assets in finance, communications, manufacturing, export, and construction. 

“As the leader of A&S, I lead my team to optimize the operations management, corporate governance, and finances of all our subsidiaries,” Akkuş explains. “Everything we do revolves around service, value, and excellence, and the result is that A&S has become one of the pillars of the Turkish business world.”

One of the projects that Akkuş is most excited about is Bitmoneycoin.com, which will be managed through the company’s Ascoin Invest Program so that relevant departments that are working on blockchain technology can be sponsored. It is part of Akkuş’ efforts to make Turkey the global leader in digitalization. 

“This will lead to commission discounts, new ICO processes, airdrop campaigns, and trading competitions,” Akkuş says. “The primary aim is that the projects of Turkey’s incredibly talented entrepreneurs, especially the younger generation, will be financed. Then the world will really see what Turkey can do.”

As a billionaire, Akkuş may have reached his financial goals, but his sleeves remain rolled up.

“The future is before us, and it is ours to make,” he emphasizes. “We cannot wait for it to happen – we must be the drivers of it. With China receding, Turkey has the potential to be the new manufacturing center for all of Europe. When the war in Ukraine thankfully ends, we must be there to help its people rebuild. That is the true purpose of business: not to accumulate wealth for the sake of it but to use it to improve the lives of those who need help the most.”

A&S Investing Holding Company was founded by CEO Uğur Akkuş, who is a third-generation businessman in Turkey. A&S Investment Holding’s four corporate strategies are to synthesize the experience and expertise gained in the foreign market as well as in the domestic market, to pursue development and industrial orientations, to aim to invest in commercial sectors with high profit potential, and to achieve sustainable and stable growth within targeted periods. 

For more information on Uğur Akkuş, A&S Investment Holding Company, and their work to help develop Turkey into a global economic leader, please visit the company’s website

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