Ultimate Guide to Accounts Receivable Software

Crunching the numbers

Accountants have been using software to process and automate payments since the 1980s. Still, it was not until the 1990s that software companies developed robust, reliable applications useful to small businesses.

Using an integrated, cloud-based AR platform, you can improve your operational efficiency, increase your revenue, and grow your profits.

Receivable automation makes the process of managing your accounts receivable much easier. This may allow you to speed up the collection of past due invoices, which can improve your financial situation by improving your cash flow.

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Benefits of Receivable Software

If you want to get paid faster, implementing accounts receivable software can help your company to automate outreach.

Invoicing is crucial to any business because it allows your company to keep track of its accounts. With an accounts receivable system, you can gain insights into your payment cycle. The benefits include how your company will be able to collect your payments more efficiently.

Instead, if your customer changes their invoice or payment information, it’s tough to keep track of them until too late. Your company must have an automated system for managing payments and updating invoices as needed.

Automation can help move your customers through the order-to-cash cycle and strengthen your cash flow, especially if you have multiple fulfillment locations.

Companies use accounts receivable software to perform accounting and financial reporting. Invoice processing, payment processing, and general ledger are the three main functions of accounts receivable software solutions.

Accounting software helps growing businesses keep their books accurate by automating routine accounting tasks, eliminating manual errors, and eliminating the potential for mistakes. Upflow is the best  accounts receivable software that has a variety of A/R options to meet your needs and assist you in growing. 

 Features of accounts receivable software

The top features of accounts receivable software include automating a company’s credit management, cash application, invoicing, payments, collections, and other processes. This provides leadership with a better way to manage the cash flow cycle and customer relations and provides greater accuracy.

The optimal AR software may differ according to the company’s size and goals. Below are the features to consider are:

Cash flow management, Digital B2B payments, Invoicing, and collections, Emailing credit card bills, Applying for financing, and getting paid faster.

  • If you’re spending time collecting money from customers, it makes more sense to use an integrated e-commerce platform where you have fewer steps in the sales process to get paid.
  • A good digital business-to-business (B2B) payments solution has many benefits. First, it should be easy and economical to accept and reconcile payments through all the major channels:
  • Automated credit applications help you move your customers through the application process more quickly, gather data from sources you don’t have access to, and give you a faster decision.
  • Automated cash application software can deliver market-leading match rates even with missing or decoupled remittances. This article will help you decide if you should use this automated cash application software.
  • Automated collections emails. Many companies use automation tools to send out reminders to customers when it’s time to pay. The more reliable and automated these messages are, the more effective they are at keeping up with a collector’s workload.

The advantages of adopting accounts receivable software for companies

You might be wondering about the benefits that account receivable companies have realized since they used account receivable software.

  • Increase the rate at which payments are accepted. Automate your payment process to accept your customers’ preferred form of payment more efficiently and reduce the costs associated with accepting credit cards.
  • Your company should consider moving to an e-invoicing strategy. It can help you improve your customer retention, and it may also allow you to expand your customer base. Of course, the best way to expand your customer base is by adopting an e-invoicing strategy.
  • Expedite your credit approval and management using a manual process. You’ll get an accurate view of your credit risk. Start your customers off with credit application forms.
  • By leveraging the capabilities of AI and other smart technologies, you can make better credit decisions and immediately receive current bureau data and access information about consumers you and your colleagues may have in common. As a result, you can make better investments and increase your credit ratings if you have these qualities.
  • Boost your cash flow. You may not have enough cash to meet your running expenditures if you are not paid on time. Using accounts receivable automation software can help you better manage your receivables and better understand your cash flow situation.
  • You’ll be able to communicate with people from all around the world. For example, you may have employees who work from 8 AM – 5 PM EST, and your head office in another part of the country is from 10 AM – 7 PM.
  • Most people think they will have to wait for more hours before their products can be processed.
  • Accounts receivable and payment management software is an essential tool for business. Paystream Advisors discovered that organizations that use accounts receivable management software could automate manual activities and become more structured more quickly.
  • By doing so, you may: increase the time spent contacting your customers for payments by 62% from 20% and save more than one hour of work per week per employee.
  • It takes about six times longer for companies without an automated receivable solution to resolve a dispute than those with one. Therefore, reducing the amount of time spent managing disputes and decreasing the time spent fixing calls will improve your cash flow.

How to Automate Accounts Receivable Using Emerging Technology

Companies are leveraging emerging technology to automate their Accounts Receivable departments. Three emerging technologies are driving the transformation of Accounts Receivable: Processing Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation.

You’ll have deep insights into your internal processes. Process mining will help you identify bottlenecks and optimize your business.

Automation will increase your productivity by letting you focus more of your time on value-added services to improve your customer service. It will also help you collect and manage information about your customers to provide a more personalized experience.

The technology used to automate accounts receivable has many moving parts, including an application component and a credit application component. You can also use the credit application component to create a score for customers to help you decide which customers will be auto-approved and which will need to be approved manually.

How can you select the greatest receivables software?

You’ll learn the best accounts receivable software options and how to choose the right one for your business.

Once you’ve identified the right accounting software for your business, you’ll want to evaluate each vendor carefully. You may want to consider if the SaaS AR provider has experience with your industry, product, service, and company size.

You should look for a legal automation company that understands the most important laws that affect your business. You should also consider the level of support offered locally and geographically. Finally, you need to look at what resources are available to you and your team.

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