Ultimate Guide to Black Diamond Engagement Rings

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Black diamond engagement rings are among the most valuable pieces of jewellery, costing far more than other diamond colours. The name “black diamond” comes from its one-of-a-kind dark colour.

Black diamonds are a great alternative to standard diamonds due to their daring and powerful appearance. These diamonds are typically found in the Central African Republic and Brazil, and they are known to be the world’s oldest diamonds, dating back more than three billion years.

Black diamond engagement rings are similar in cost to their white alternatives. While white diamonds have long been the most popular centre stone for engagement rings, black diamonds are a great alternative, especially for those who are fashion-conscious.

Nothing says “classier” than black, as the saying goes. This diamond colour will look great with any colour of the outfit, and it can have a casual look when worn on a daily basis, as well as a change in look, as it can easily look great as a complement to a formal dress. If you want to wear it for a special occasion, this is ideal.

What is a black diamond?

It may appear to be a simple question, but the term “black diamond” can refer to a variety of stones.

  • Mother nature provides the colour for natural black diamonds (also known as fancy black diamonds). During the diamond’s formation in the earth, other minerals become trapped inside it. The extremely high concentrations of these other minerals within the diamond, known as inclusions, are responsible for the black colour of natural black diamonds (you can learn more about inclusions with the Diamond Clarity Chart). The cool thing about inclusions is that they are what gives the diamond its distinct personality and distinguish it from other stones because no two diamonds have the same inclusions.
  • Carbonados are naturally occurring rock substances that can be found only in Brazil and Central Africa. Geophysicists believe these stones, which are made of carbon, graphite, and diamond, came from a meteorite.
  • Black diamonds (notice the lack of the words “natural” or “fancy”) are found in nature, but their colour is not. These are also known as treated black diamonds, black coloured diamonds, or colour enhanced diamonds because they have been blackened by heating treatments that change their colour from dark grey to black.
  • Black diamonds manufactured in a lab can be almost identical to natural diamonds but are not natural as the colour of diamonds are not found naturally.

Are black diamonds real?

Yes! Black diamonds are genuine gemstones. In nature, you can find natural diamonds, Carbonados, and treated black diamonds. Unlike natural diamonds and Carbonados, treated black diamonds are not naturally black; they are coloured with heat.

Black lab-grown diamonds in Denver are created in a laboratory rather than mined from the earth like the others. They are, however, genuine: chemically and structurally identical to mined diamonds, but neither the stone nor it is colour is natural. You can see the black diamond at the Denver diamond store for better understanding.

How much do black diamonds cost?

The price of a black diamond is determined by its size and origin. As these fancy black diamonds and Carbonados are extremely scarce, these aren’t available easily in the market. Only one in every 10,000 natural diamonds is coloured, and only a small percentage of these coloured diamonds is black. Natural black diamonds and Carbonados are among the most valuable and expensive gemstones due to their scarcity.

A Brief History of Black Diamonds

Due to the apparent scarcity, diamonds are seen as symbols of power and wealth. Some cultures believe they, too, have divine origins. In ancient Egypt, diamonds, for example, were associated with the sun, representing courage and truth. Because the Egyptians worshipped Ra, the Sun God, diamonds were considered divine even when uncut.

Similarly, the Greeks regarded diamonds as gods’ tears, and owning one was regarded as a blessing. Even in Medieval Europe, diamonds were thought to be a miraculous cure for illness.

What about black diamond engagement rings?

There are a few reasons why I believe such diamonds appeal to buyers. For starters, they provide a one-of-a-kind twist on the popular white diamond engagement ring. Second, they are less expensive than white diamonds, making them an appealing alternative to the classic diamond ring. The engagement ring in Denver is the best place to buy your favourite ring.

Purchase black diamond engagement rings 

It can also be difficult to find black diamond rings. Because these diamonds are rare, it may be difficult to find one of high quality. Because clarity is rarely checked in this case, you only need to consider the cut and the carat. You should choose your black diamond engagement rings in a shape that ensures it glitters, as black diamonds do not refract light.

However, you must decide on the type of ring you want to purchase based on your budget. This is due to the fact that, like regular diamonds, black diamonds become more expensive as the size increases.

Final Words

Make certain you are purchasing high-quality black diamonds! Don’t rush if you want to make sure you’re getting the best one for your money. Allow yourself a few months to canvas, and only buy from reputable Diamond stores!

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