Ultra Manifestation Secrets Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

Who Is The Author?

David Anderson is just another guy who is like us. However, his childhood had been very troubled since he dealt with an alcoholic household with frequent violence. Eventually, he decided to leave his house and move out of his home. However, his demons continued to haunt him and he showed some signs of depression which made it very difficult for him to think positively and take care of himself.

It was during this time that he went ahead and did some basic research on quantum physics and the brain. This basic research turned into intensive research when he found some amazing facts, that nobody had explored before. He came across various secrets and facts that are hardly known to anyone.

Through quantum physics, he studied how atoms behave in different environments, how they work in different situations, and how they interact in different frequencies. Such frequencies cannot be seen or detected by our naked eye.

Similar to the complex structure of atoms our brain also has a very complex structure of neural networks. Our brain also produces various frequencies through which we perform our actions. These multiple frequencies can be trained, and they can be set to a specific tuning to achieve what we want.

David set out to do this itself. He successfully trained his subconscious mind using basic principles of quantum physics that have also been explained in detail within his book ultra-manifestation secrets. Eventually, he also began to share his experiences and learning through his ultra-manifestation program. Eventually, people came to see the miraculous powers of this program, and work with him for self-development.

What Is The Program About?

The ultra manifestation secrets program

The ultra manifestation secrets program is highly beneficial for people who are having difficulty tuning in on their inner conscious. This program is split into five different modules that serve different purposes. Every module contains a specific soundtrack and it is highly necessary to complete all of them if you really want to reap maximum benefits from the program.

These tracks are called isochoric and they have different levels of frequency. These frequencies are termed alpha, beta, theta, delta, and so on. It has been explained in the book, as well as E-books and modules that how you can use these frequencies for better management of your own life. The soundtracks are highly soothing, and they provide a great amount of relief. People dealing with stress can also induct them into mindfulness practices like meditation, breathwork, and so on.

For people who are looking for higher in joy, as well as achieving mental peace, there could be no better program. The best part about this program is that it works on scientific grounds. Its basic principles of science include aspects like hypnosis and neuroplasticity. These are some aspects that help you to align your thoughts as well as your subconscious mind to manifest the wishes in a much better manner than you could have done without the help of the book.

Further, we have given the five different audio tracks, which are also known as isochoric. 

  1. Aligning yourself with the universe- audio track one

this is a track that has been created to get rid of all negativity. As we grow through life there are various negative energies as well as emotions that attach themselves to us. They suck out our good energy and bring down a potential to work and grow. This track will help you to erase all such negative emotions which have come from the past or which might come in the future. Therefore if you are having any trouble in manifesting the things that you truly desire, then this audio track will first clean your order so that you can begin the process of actual manifestation.

As the author himself says this audio track is the 1st and the most important step to reset and reprogram your bad emotions. You can control such emotions and focus all your positive energy on what you actually want to happen with you. Just subconscious mind will eventually be trained to accept only the positive frequencies. It will filter out any negativity and only allow in growth and development thoughts that can lead to self-improvement.

  1. Neurogenesis or prevention of nerve blockage- audio track 2

this is the next level in your journey to self-discovery. After track one neural genesis provides just the right amount of fortification a person’s spirit needs to grow. In this level all negative emotions that could be vibrating within your nerves I’ve wiped away. Such negative emotions block all the ways for positive thoughts, and if there is some positivity running in your neurons, then they even prevent them from traveling all through your body.

This audio track will help you to open up any blocked passageways that could be hindering your positivity This is the ultimate cleansing process, which will get rid of any bad emotions. The next step is necessary for complete and thorough purification of your mindset, and perspective

  1. Natural state or how to balance your present state- audio track 3

for any mindful practice, you must focus on what is going on in the present. Therefore this audio track is going to help you focus on the things that are going around you, along with the current state of mind that you are in. This can only come after the 1st and the 2nd audio tracks since this process only helps after past emotions are gone. From here you will take one step forward and directly stick control of your subconscious mind.

This is a control practice where you can exercise power over how you thinking and what energy you are thinking with. This is the process that leads to the activation of your subconscious mind, as well as your hidden powers.

Since you have already deleted any negative emotions that might be lingering from the past, you will be ready for this step with the help of the audio track. It is recommended that you listen to this once a day for at least as long as 60 seconds and continue this for a minimum of one week.

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  1. Seeking unlimited abundance by empowering yourself- audio track 4

at this time your subconscious mind is ready to delve into even a deeper state of self-control and positive it. With the help of this track, your mind will be able to align all the thoughts in the best way possible. Now your subconscious mind is well aware of how your thoughts are functioning, and how you can exercise control over them. You are now ready to send signals to your brain, and get the desired results. This is the ultimate stage for manifestation.

The tracks mentioned above basically prepare your mind to become ready for excepting any positive messages that you might have to send in words. You will have to diligently practice the steps mentioned above if you want to ensure that you are sending only positivity to your brain. This audio track will receive such messages and help you become highly receptive to your thoughts of manifestation.

This will also help you to give out strong messages two other people around you. You will be able to control your overall nature, as well as behavior. As a result, you will be able to make use of actions that you really need to perform to achieve success in life. You have to listen to this track more often, and as much as you can during the initial stage.

  1. last push or neural guardian- audio track 5

This is obviously the last step of your journey full stop needless to say it is one of the most important parts of your journey and you need to make sure that you can follow through with the process with utmost sincerity. This is the stage where you would actually start seeing your dreams coming true. Here you will teach how to not give in to old patterns of fears or emotions by listening to the track. You will finally be able to align your thoughts to a particular frequency and think in the manner that is best for your growth.

Pros and Cons

Every product comes with some downsides and some upsides. We want to be honest with you in this review, and so we have created a general idea of the pros and cons below-


  • Users have been 100% satisfied with Ultra Manifestation Secrets Program, and the results they have received. The technique has proven to be highly effective for people from all backgrounds
  • There is also a money-back guarantee on the product that you can avail of.
  • You can achieve the difficult goals of mindfulness, as well as mental peace.
  • The program doesn’t require you to perform long, difficult hours of meditation.
  • The theory has been based on scientific facts and the program is devised by a qualified hypnotist.


  • This product can only be bought online
  • You have to be very particular in following every step mentioned in the program.


If you have been struggling to manifest your dreams, then this book could be the solution to all your problems. Purchase your copy today to unlock miracles you could have never imagined.

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