Umberto Vitale is Teaching People how to Build Wealth and Create Financial Stability

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Umberto Vitale was born in Pavia, Italy in 1985. Even at a young age, he had a sharp business instinct that led to early successes. Today he is the genius behind Vitaltrading Business Academy, an online school meant to help budding entrepreneurs equip themselves for future success.

Umberto’s Early Business Success

When Umberto Vitale was only fourteen years old, he created his first business. Around that time, Fast and Furious was released and there was a trend for buying tuning accessories for cars. However, most Italian consumers were wary of purchasing from companies abroad.

This sparked a business idea for Umberto. He found a German supplier who gave him permission to sell their products in an online eBay store. When the payment was received, he sent the order to the supplier who shipped it to the buyer. It wasn’t until years later that he realized this business method had a name: dropshipping.

This first business was successful, allowing him to break from financial dependence on his family. It also fed his teenage passion for music. At the time, he was a drummer.

When Umberto graduated from high school, he began working in a family business. He learned all the methods and strategies the business used for both commerce and management. 

When the financial crisis hit in 2008, even large companies risked collapsing. Umberto had the idea to change methods and insert technological innovation into the company. These new operating methods allowed the company to come back from a precarious financial situation to the new commercial explosion.

Ten years later, he automated every process for that company. This has allowed him to disconnect from the daily demands of running a business. He can make more money even when he isn’t actively investing his time.

An Education in Growing Wealth

Umberto realized he needed to reinvest his earnings and make his money work for him. In 2010, he made his first transactions in the world of real estate. He bought a property in judicial auctions and used those properties to create passive income. One day, he’ll pass down his generated wealth to his children. He wants to build an empire of generational wealth.

Since then, he’s also learned about Forex Trading. He created a Facebook page where he cultivated a community of people interested in Forex Trading. He continues to teach people about how to trade both Forex and equities.

In 2015 he chased his passion for music and cinema by starting Signature Dreams, an eCommerce business that uses a dropshipping model to sell musical and cinematographic memorabilia. This business has garnered attention from newspapers and fairs in the music and cinema industries.

Umberto has stayed on top of all things cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and blockchain. He’s carefully studied every project and technology, profiting from the crypto bubble in 2018. Umberto even developed his own cryptocurrency to incentivize and reward collaborators and employees of his business.

With the aim of improving his academic skills, Umberto finished his university studies in 2019. He studied business administration, management, and communication techniques.

Vitaltrading Business Academy: Umberto’s Legacy

Umberto created Vitaltrading Business Academy from a deep desire to help others gain the same peace of mind and financial stability he’s built for himself. Now anyone with a smartphone and internet access can earn more while working less.

He uses the lessons he’s learned to help others automate every part of their business and diversify their earnings. People enrolled in his academy learn how to create, develop, and improve their businesses. They’ll also learn about investing in online trading, equity investments, cryptocurrency, and real estate which can bolster their financial success and guarantee economic stability.

Individuals interested in Vitaltrading Business Academy get step-by-step help in creating the financial future they desire. New students get monthly one-on-one calls with Umberto to help guide them on their journey to become a true businessmen.

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