UMngomezulu’s Music Heals Souls Without even Words

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South African DJ and Producer “UMngomezulu” produces House music that is dreamy and emotional evoking emotions without even words. The producer is originally from Kwa Zulu Natal but based in Johannesburg.

Thulasizwe Mngomezulu known as UMngomezulu has been in the South African music industry for a while and his music is featured on well-known House music record labels such as Deepershades, Candid beings, Deep Obsession, and more.

His music is mostly instrumental with a touch of “Deep Organic Melodic House” which is influenced by different musical genres. UMngomezulu is his original ancestral clan name which he uses as a stage name most people who enjoy his music believe that it somehow connects one with their ancestors and perhaps evokes a lot of emotions.

UMngomezulu started music production in 2009 after completing a music production course but was already playing around with software earlier before the course. While he continued with his studies, he worked in a record store called “Vinyl Joint” which had a music record label that gave him a chance to have his music released. During that time he was called “Deepland” after he changed his stage name to UMngomezulu and started releasing music with record labels.

In 2018 He did an exclusive remix which was his first time releasing as “UMngomezulu” for a label called “Peng” of a song titled “Superfluous Feelings” by Andy Compton from “The Rurals”. In 2019 he released his first EP as “UMngomezulu” independently titled “Through Deep Waters” which he dedicated to himself in simple terms it means “Through hard times”.

He started 2021 with an EP titled “iKhambi” which means “The Cure” dedicated to souls we lost due to covid 19 and later he released an EP titled “The Moonlight” dedicated to his daughter.

As we began 2022 he recently released a very Deep Mid Tempo remix for a label called Deepershades Recordings of a song titled “The Beach” by Lars Behrenroth. His music seems to evoke emotions for a lot of South African electronic music fans, there is more to expect from him in 2022 as he’s working on his debut album.

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