“Undead Papi” Rises From the Underground Music Scene With Powerful Tracks

Music moves people. The sound is considered a powerful instrument, from getting them up on their feet to sobbing their hearts out. Wielding that instrument to drill a hole out the underground scene, “Undead Papi” is rising to the top charts as the versatile and brilliant artist behind his latest track, “super villain.”

An American singer, vocalist, rapper, and songwriter, Undead Papi, fondly called “Undead” by his cult-like following, is the up-and-coming star currently holding the attention of critics and music executives.

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the multi-talented individual is introducing an unprecedented phenomenon in the industry called ‘genre-less’ or ‘experimental.’ “I’m a very versatile artist,” he says. “I’m breaking the boundaries of music, innovating with my sound and combining genres.” 

With unmatched expertise and enthusiasm for putting soul and his twist to exciting beats and heartbreaking melody, Undead Papi’s tracklist is one for the books. “I do all different kinds of genres. I’m not limited to one genre or style like almost all musicians today are.”

From alternative rap, catchy anthems with melodic singing, hard-hitting experimental metal jams, metal-influenced trap music, grimy headbangers, wavy psychedelic tracks, cloud rap, acoustic ballads, to alternative metal, Undead Papi’s discography holds a song for every individual.

Limitless in his expression, he explores a diverse range of themes from depression and hardships, death, to politics. Since his first album, “the forest” in 2018, Undead makes his mark as an artist authentic to his craft. Uninhibited by society’s demands and straying away from popular music’s generic formula nowadays, Undead is a breath of fresh air to both supporters and top music critics.

“I focus on innovating and creating something new. I go down so many paths of musical expression throughout my discography – anything from death metal to melodic rap,” he shares. “I don’t limit myself, and I don’t ride waves; I’m busy creating something new and more unique.”

Undead Papi’s versatility and undeniable talent are transparent in his hit songs “February Corpse,” “Death is Near,” “Hold on by a Thread,” “R6B Z6mbie,” “NO TALKING!,” “FMJ,” “WarLord,” “Xtendo clip freestyle,” “Ma’at,” and “Amerikkan Politks” among others. 

Hosting a unique ability to innovate and push musical boundaries, Undead Papi is a game-changer, composing and producing distinctive sounds with unmatched potential. With songs made accessible to a universal audience, he breaks through the ceiling and redefines the industry. 

Attesting to his defining choice of elements from different genres is his latest single, “super villain.” Released on February 26, 2021, the melodic rap track has generated noise on his channels. Its catchy chorus crooned out by Undead’s smooth vocals signals the underground artist’s rise to the music charts.

“Coming into the development of this track, my goal was to show my listeners that there is a fun and uplifting side of my art while managing to still remain true to myself and what I represent as an artist.”

Stringing powerful notes and glazing it over with his signature flow, the genre-less artist’s “super villain” captures his experience as someone often perceived as a villain or a bad guy following undivided attention from ladies. “I came to realize the hardships that had shaped me into who I am brought me a lot of positive despite seeming only negative from the surface.”

Taking dismal and untrue impressions of him and molding them into his latest track has welcomed a new sound to Undead Papi’s eclectic collection. Keeping his fans on their toes, the music artist is looking forward to further promoting “super villain” and releasing entertaining and unpredictable music that will further cement his reputation beyond the underground scene.

Get moving and check out “super villain” by Undead Papi. Learn more about the innovative artist of boundless talents. Follow Undead on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud

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