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Un!dentified and Their Successful Origin Story

Here’s how this Canadian hip hop group is taking the industry by storm.

Un!dentified is the king of in-house talent. This trio gained traction and success from the moment they touched the music industry. From childhood memories to the lengths they’ve reached as a group today, Un!dentified has confirmed itself as a powerhouse.

This group is made up of three members: Justin Dosanjh, Harman Sandhu, and Sukhan Sandh. Long-time childhood friends, Justin and Harman, started as a duo group called 14/21, representing themselves and their work in music. The original duo name came from the jersey numbers they wore during their high school career. As the duo continued, they began to work on more and more projects until they felt as if something was missing from their group. Dosanjh and Sandhu eventually reached out to a local producer at the time, Sandh. Already working with multiple artists, Sandh was creating a solo name for himself as a producer. From this moment on, they began working on music together and could tell they were creating something special. With each of them bringing their own set of unique skills to the table, they all knew they were finding and perfecting the sound that is Un!dentified today.

Forming about two years ago in Vancouver, British Columbia, Un!dentified began and has been an up-and-coming name in the music industry since day one. Being described as, “a hit-making powerhouse as they have maintained in-house writing, creative direction, and production for all their releases”, the group stays true to themselves and its members. Today, having all work be done in-house is rare to come by. All producing, writing, and composition as well as the ability for them to continue to build their brand just prove how big they are and how much bigger they are going to get. Without needing anyone else other than themselves, they have their options wide open for all things music as each member carries their weight in every aspect of the group.

This group, Un!dentified is a rare and special thing. Forming a successful trio in any line of business is tough and doing it in the music business is even harder. But, through their own creative direction and dedication to themselves and the group, Un!dentified is certainly a name to look out for.

You can view their official website here as well as listen to their music on Spotify here.

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