Underground Music’s Newest Obsession The Poet Andrew

Underground music has found its next rising star in The Poet Andrew. With his creative flow, this new artist has begun to captivate the hearts of a wide range of indie music lovers. The Poet Andrew is an independent rap artist/producer who quickly gains recognition in the digital music scene.

The Poet’s name is starting to be simultaneously spoken and compared alongside genius musical acts such as Chance The Rapper, Tyler The Creator, and a young Common whose artistic prowess has touched many entertainment genres. But the young poet is offering an even more diverse perspective to sound that we have yet to find in the new age of music. His inspirational talent is influencing, saying the least.

The Poet’s genre of music blends unique soulful lyricism with beats that are truly representative of his creative hip-hop background. Fans of this artist have dubbed his catalog as music for the mind. The Poet Andrew draws in a lot of attention by using his voice as more than just an expressive, creative outlet, but as a platform to adhere to the many personal beliefs he holds dear to his heart.

Although this is only the beginning stages of his career, you can hear the echo of greatness illuminating from this artist. His undeniable performative talent, as seen through his social media freestyle and impeccable singing voice, are just a few tools this artist is carrying in his arsenal of impact for a successful career. It won’t be too long until we see his name on award ceremony nomination boards, and you can say you heard it here first.

The Poet Andrew started his musical career by releasing his single ‘Lonely Love,’ which made him an artist to watch on the New York rap scene. This track is a sad, intellectual deep dive with a beautiful rhythm to match. In May of 2020, he debuted his first collection of work with his EP “Stargazer,” which introduced the world to The Poet’s Universe.

He is following up his EP “Stargazer” and bonus feature with the release of his newest single, ‘Sunflower,’ which will be available on the 18th of June. If this latest release is anything similar to what has already been heard from The Poet Andrew, listeners are in for a real treat.

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