Underwater Photography is at the Crux of this Model’s Career

Model, scuba instructor, image consultant and all-round fashion and beauty expert Mena Garcia has been diving since the age of 11 and says, I loved the water so much that the instructors used to call me la sirenita” – the little mermaid, and my desire to be in the water never stopped!”

Safety always comes first. She says, “Before entering the water I have hidden weights around my waist which ensure I dont float up and I am able to pose. I enter the water wearing a mask and breathing from one of the assistants alternative air source,  then I have to remove the mask and hold my breath for usually a minute at a time. After a minute, I grab a puff of air from one of the assistants and then resume posing.”

The process, she says, is a specialist skill and should not be tried unless youre qualified to do so. Mena poses underwater without an oxygen tank and has a team of assistants who ensure the process runs smoothly – Alongside our scuba qualified photographer, there are two assistants who are crucial to making the whole thing work. We take all of the outfits down with us and actually change under the water. The assistants are amazing, they actually change my outfit under the water for me!”

Mena talks passionately about the experience but admits it can be a grueling process. You can check out all of Menas modelling including gorgeous photos from under the water by visiting her website www.menagarcia.com or by following her on Instagram @menita.mango.

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