Unique Ways to Wear a Ring

Wearing a ring isn’t that easy. It looks. Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort to wear a ring that causes pain. There are specific ways to wear a ring when it comes to ring etiquette.

Every one of you has worn a ring at least once; some of you have become habitual even. Ever you faced difficulty in wearing the ring? Yes, it happens with most people.

People wear ring due to many reasons; some may wear a daily-basis, and some wear occasionally. Wearing rings may have a variety of reasons behind that. People tend to wear due to relationship status, personal choice, religious beliefs, and many more.

If you’re stuck with choosing the ring, there are many types of mens rings available in the market. To let you know the basic rules of wearing a ring, this article contains all you need to know.

Select a finger

Choosing the finger is a pretty deciding factor. Either you’re going to give a good impression or a bad one. Some of your fingers have a different meaning of wearing rings. Additionally, the size of each finger isn’t the same. For the time being, it may seem fit to wear a ring on two fingers at the same time, but it can cause swelling or severe pain after some time.

Ring size

It is recommended that you measure your finger size. What is the best way to measure your finger size? Well, using a ring sizer can help you in this regard. There are different sizes of rings available at jewelry stores. Now it’s up to you to select the ring which you can wear comfortably.

  • Loose enough, you can slide it off as per your wish
  • Tight enough it can stay in your finger

Left hand or right hand?

Men prefer to wear rings on the right hand as the left involves hygiene activities, unlike women. You can have germs, most probably on your left side, but this is just in case on the side of the mirror. It perceives as a convention to wear a ring on the right hand when it comes to men.

Let’s discuss which finger you can use to wear a ring on.

  • Wearing rings on pinky rings is somewhat relates to trend and fashion as it’s nothing to do with cultural and societal beliefs.
  • The fourth finger is mainly for the relationship status ring. You can wear a ring after getting engaged or getting married.
  • The giant finger creates an awkward expression after wearing the ring on this finger, which is the middle one. Often, it’s not recommended to use the middle finger to wear the ring.
  • Here comes the index finger. Bachelors usually tend to wear an occasional ring on this finger. These rings can be related to any belief or organizational association.
  • When you don’t decide which finger is the best to wear the ring, you can go for one that looks beautiful on one of your fingers.
  • Wearing a ring on the thumb is an accurate depiction of fashion. It has been seen that the most successful people prefer to wear the ring on their thumb.

Dressing matters a lot.

In the modern age, it has become essential to make a good combination of your outfit with the ring as far as color is concerned. The perfect match can give an instant match, and an imperfect combination can make you feel regret wearing the ring. Women who go with jewelry tend to match all their outfits with rings and jewelry. It shows unity in your ring and necklace if their color is the same, both for men and women.


The ring you wear gives the impression and direct message for the reasons you’re wearing it. Don’t stack your fingers with rings; instead, the best choice is to wear the ring.

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