Uniting the Power of Social Media Activism on the SoAct Platform

We are entering a new age of activism. Taking action and standing for a cause are becoming increasingly popular as young people across the world have taken to the internet to organize for change. Apps like Facebook and Instagram have provided platforms for these grassroots digital movements to grow, but as entrepreneur Peter Clark wondered, have they unlocked the full potential of social media activism?

Clark observed the momentum of social activism gaining across several different platforms, but with insufficient cross-platform collaboration. “When efforts are scattered and fragmented, their power is diluted; they cannot reach their full potential,” he explains. “I realized that a centralized platform, where all the supporters of a specific cause could gather and work together to promote change, could be much more effective.” This was the spark for Clark’s newest project. He envisioned a single platform dedicated solely to social activism, where people around the world can gather to discuss, support, and organize for causes they care about. The result of this vision – and years of work to fulfill it – is the SoAct platform.

Effecting Greater Change Together on the SoAct Platform

SoAct is a condensed social media platform centered around a common passion for positively impacting shared communities. In the app, users can form groups that are focused on one area, such as sustainability, blood drives, clothing drives, cancer awareness, or any other issue. In those groups, users have the ability to engage in conversations, share resources, and plan virtual or in-person events. The app features a points and badges system to reward users’ involvement in the platform.

Organizations and nonprofits join the app and host events, give awards and certificates, and grow their communities with easier searchability in the SoAct database.

Empowering People to Make an Impact

The SoAct team believes in the power of organizing for positive change. Whether you are fighting for social justice or raising awareness about a local issue, everyone has the power to become an activist. Wherever a person is in their activism, advocacy, and awareness journey, SoAct is a place where they can connect with like-minded people to make a positive difference in the world, no matter how small.

Though SoAct is still in the early stages of its launch, it is already gaining momentum. While the app has faced its fair share of challenges, the team is totally undeterred. “It’s always a challenge going up against the big guys – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok – but we’re doing something unique, and I think people are really going to respond to it,” says Clark.

Building the Born to Work Brand

On top of his work with SoAct, Clark is also the creator of the Born to Work brand and the author of its eponymous book. According to Clark, the book – which is based on his own experiences – was written to help those looking to level up their career, choose the right college major, find their first job, or make a career change.

The book reminds readers to never lose sight of themselves in their work. “I think people need to be reflective on when, where, and why they work,” Clark says. “Our relationship with work is changing so much so fast, and it will only continue to do so.” He hopes that his book and public speaking engagements will help people to find jobs and maintain a healthy relationship with them.

SoAct is More Than Just an App

SoAct was created to be more than just an app: it’s a community of people that care, a digital movement dedicated to inspiring real change. “We’re not just another social media site; we want to be the face of online social activism,” says Clark. We want to bring people together under common goals to promote communication, collaboration, and organization.” SoAct is gathering great thinkers, great speakers, and great movers under one digital roof. He believes that this concentration of efforts will help social media activism reach its full potential.

Find out more about SoAct on the platform’s official website.

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