Why Unlearning Is More Important Than Learning

‘You need to be a lifelong learner.’ We have heard this saying a lot, and it’s true. Learning makes us better people. While learning new things is great, some of this acquired knowledge might be counterproductive. That’s when we need to “unlearn.”

What to Unlearn

Unlearning is the art of discarding something that we learned earlier. To know what to unlearn, you need to be self-aware about your thoughts, beliefs, and your habits.

Examples of such thoughts and habits include, “Money is limited and scarce,” “Luck plays a major role in success,””Sacrificing health for success,” etc.

You need to figure out the thoughts and habits that are holding you back and unlearn them.

Here’s how I overcame the thought, “Money is limited and scarce.” I used to have a feeling that money was limited before I came to know about entrepreneurship. This was because the people I was surrounded by were all working for someone, and they put that thought in my head at a very young age.

When I re-educated myself that money is something that can be earned when you can provide a quality service or product, it totally changed my perception about money. Now I offer my services to people who need them, and they pay me money. The more people I offer my services to, the more money I make. Simple!

How to Unlearn?

Here’s a simple way to get started:

1. List any five thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back or are limiting your true potential.

2. List any five activities that aren’t productive, but still, you keep doing them.

3. Re-educate yourself on those subjects, and take action for at least 21 days based on the new knowledge you’ve learned.

When you apply this to various parts of your life and take action on a consistent basis, you’ll start seeing positive changes in your life. Learning is important, but unlearning is more important as it will give you a whole new perspective on the existing beliefs you have. Learn to empty your cup before filling it!

So what are those things that you want to unlearn? Take action now! Write them in the comments below.

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