Unleash the Party Animal Within you as you Dance to the Beats of Tara Electra’s “Light It Up”

Tara Electra has built a name for herself with the release of her brand-new single “Light It Up.” Overnight, the song became a great success. Fans of the genre are raving about this new smash song all over the Internet. Tara has been a music superstar since the release of her single “Light It Up.”

Despite her status as an influencer, Tara has proven to her admirers that she understands her way around music. This year, she published an EP with three songs on it. All of the tracks on her EP are becoming increasingly popular by the day. She is able to use her mixed ancestry to create music that is unique to her audience.

Tara collaborated extensively with Rumor Records to guarantee that “Light It Up” was flawlessly produced. Tara and Rumor Records both did an outstanding job in developing this wonderful catchy track. Their work definitely comes through when you realize how much better the party is because of this song.

Follow the link below to listen to Tara’s music on Spotify

You may also check out her latest EP. If you want to view more of Tara’s works, visit here.

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