Unlocking Human Performance: The Science of Success

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Striving for success is the common denominator in every entrepreneur. We aim for the highest level of performance to generate more income, and enhance our companies. Yet, sometimes we hit a wall and become stuck in our own ambitions.

Achieving and maintaining that level of performance takes a lot of focus, hard work, and discipline. We see others in our field becoming that desired 1% but don’t know if we have the strength to reach our ultimate potential.

On Season 6 of the Making Bank Podcast Dale Comstock explains how he has helped thousands of different entrepreneurs develop a high performance mindset. His theory, the science of success, establishes a mental toughness that can unlock human performance, and turn your ideal into a reality.

What is the Science of Success?

The science of success trains your mind to take action, challenge your perspective, and enhance your body. Comstock believes that everyone is capable of high-performance. It takes no extraordinary skill or will power; the science of success is based on tuning your mind to create the reality you want.

These techniques can be broken down into three main sources: body, perspective, and subconscious.


High performance starts within your body, nutrition, diet, and your self-care routine. A healthy body will create a healthy mind. If you’re unhealthy, tired and not taking care of yourself then you won’t have the energy required to handle the tasks of an entrepreneur. Increased energy and stamina will give you the reservoir you need to accomplish tasks faster, master new skills, and become more efficient.

Additionally, a healthy and strong body helps elevate your mood to take on challenges within your mind such as shifting your perspective.


Comstock explains that by the time you’re 35, 95% of your mind is programmed, and 50% of that is misinformation. Challenging your perspective is key, as incorrect information leads to avoidable mistakes. When it comes to perspective, a negative attitude can warp your memory, discourage you, and even depress you. If you begin broadening your mind to other perspectives, you allow it room to grow. By challenging your perspective, you are choosing to move forward.Thinking about the past holds you back, keeps you there–and you could remain stuck.

Forward thinking puts you in the present, and on the path towards your future. Comstock believes that you need to be willing to accept and overcome difficult challenges in your perspective. This will help you develop critical life skills. Most importantly, a forward thinking perspective grants you the ability to preserve through your self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs.


Comstock also stands by the power of self-discipline. Self-discipline enables you to persevere with your changes to your body and perspective. It often starts small within your own self-routine. Do you have the energy to make your bed? How about brushing your teeth, combing your hair, and eating breakfast? This can be your first victory of the day.

If you can conquer these small victories, you can begin to tackle the big stuff such as working out, mastering new tasks, and elevating your high-performance. Mastering your self-discipline creates a level of higher motivation, satisfaction of accomplishments, and overcoming procrastination. So, allow yourself the mental boost that comes along with reaching small goals, so that you feel confident and competent to strive for larger goals.


Your subconscious relies on tuning your mind for high-performance, and focuses on future pacing. By creating your future in your mind, you can turn your ideal into reality and become the best version of yourself. We start by taking out the self-limiting beliefs and what holds us back, and instead focus on the future we want to create. This mindset shift holds together the healthy routines you’re establishing, the perspectives you’re challenging, and the self-discipline it took to get you this far. As entrepreneurs, if we understand the science of success, we can reach the 1% of our dreams.

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