Unveiling Love Monster: A Journey from NFT Collection to Cross-Chain Gaming Ecosystem

We sat down with Liam, CEO and Founder of Love Monster, a strategic turn-based combat game on mobile built by the creative visionaries from Disney and Marvel. Liam has been in game and app development for about 14 years working with legends like Chris Brown, Jay Z, and several other well known musicians. He’s released multiple number 1 apps on the app store through his own design and app agency. 

Liam stumbled into crypto in 2013 and eventually wanted to build his own game. It was a friend that was mining crypto that got the ball rolling. Liam actually flew this guy out from Canada and with 15k they bought a bunch of computers and set up a mining rig in the house. They mined World Coin, and just before they were getting ready to cash out, they got rugged. 

But that didn’t deter Liam from building and he eventually started working on what is now Love Monster. This project originally started out as just an NFT collection that managed to collect a lot of attention. The IP was well received and the collection sold out. With plenty of experience in game development, he decided to take what he had and turn it into a turn based strategy game. The game offers 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, wagering, monster customization and training, and much more. Within Monsterverse, they will also offer Land Plots and more of an open world exploration style game. 

Love Monsters is actually a typical Web2 game, with the in-game assets existing on Avalanche. They recently decided to go cross chain, launching their token on Solona. $LOVE is used for governance and in-game purchases, staking, and yield. It can also be used to craft and make NFTs or purchase plots of land in Monsterverse. 

With the goal of building an entire ecosystem, they built Monster Hub, which offers an off-chain staking system where users can stake their Love Monsters to level them up and earn more rewards. In addition, the team added an off-chain casino where users can spin the ‘wheel of love’ and earn a variety of daily rewards. 

To make the game app store friendly, the token is traded on-chain, but has several uses within the game. All of the progressions and rewards that users unlock inside the game are actually tied to their NFT. So if a player grinds for a year and has unlocked rewards and has some skills, those can all be traded as an NFT and your monster’s stats will have a variety of items unlocked to it and skills that are bound to that NFT. So essentially, Love Monsters are offering upgradable NFTs. 

Liam did the original design of the Love Monsters along with Rogie, a former artist for Disney and Marvel. They’ve been building the community for over two years now and a tradeable token was what the community wanted.

Anyone can download the game in the App Store. Users will automatically get a free Love Monster. There are no complicated wallets to open or difficult onboarding process allowing for the typical player to just download and play. Users will eventually start unlocking or crafting more game assets and can also use their credit card for in-app purchases. Most will never know they are experiencing anything on-chain. 

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Liam said the team has a lot more features they want to add and their goal is to release the full version by the end of the year. To stay up to date with all the latest follow @playlovemonster on X. 


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